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FAQ - Alitalia Mobile

Answers to a wide range of frequently asked questions about Alitalia's services and products, locations and benefits and many of travel related issues.

  • Which services are available on Alitalia Mobile site?
    The following services are available:  

    •  Flight Status: for a real-time update of your flight schedule. 
    • MilleMiglia profile and balance: to check you balance, keep your profile data updated and request miles crediting of Alitalia flights flown with e-ticket. 
    • Timetable: to search the arrival and departure timetable of the Alitalia flights .
    • Mobile Check-in: to check-in with your mobile and receive the e-boarding card with an SMS on your cell-phone, when travelling among Rome Fiumicino, Milan Linate, Milan malpensa, Milan Orio al Serio, Cagliari, Palermo, Turin, Venice and Verona.
    • Flight change: to change the time of your flight with one of those proposed, available for passengers that have purchased a ticket with an “Unrestricted” fare
    • Baggage: to check the status in real time of a claim for misplaced baggage.
    • Parking: to book parking or other services (car valet, car washing, etc.) at the airports in Rome Fiumicino, Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Bergamo, Turin and Verona.
  • How do I access Alitalia Mobile site services?
    To access go to on your palm or mobile browser.
    You can access the service you wish and/or change in the Menu/Options the language.
  • Which phones may access Alitalia Mobile site?
    All those having Internet access, blackberry, mobile and iPhone. 
  • What is Mobile Check-in?
    It’s a new way to check-in and receive the boarding card directly on the mobile phone. It’s available for clients leaving from Rome Fiumicino, Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Milan Orio al Serio, Cagliari, Turin, Palermo, Venice and Verona.
  • How do I carry out Mobile Check-in?
    1. Click on Check-in.  
    2. Identify yourself with name and surname and your MilleMiglia code or, in alternative, your ticket number.  
    3. Choose your departure and arrival airport. If you have accessed as MilleMiglia, a list of flights to choose from will be displayed for your check-in choice; if you accessed with your e-Ticket number, you’ll access all relative information.
    4. Confirm your seat on-board. Next to "seat" there will be a "change" option should wish to do so.
    5. After receiving final validation "Your check-in procedure has been completed", you’ll receive a SMS with the link to you e-boarding card barcode.
    You will see the barcode and text with all main information of a traditional boarding card (Boarding Gate, seat assigned, boarding time, etc.).
    If you add your e-mail address, all documents including the boarding card will be sent in PDF format.
  • How I go through security at the airport?
    Go directly to security check-points and show staff your e-boarding card on your mobile or your e-ticket printed receipt.
  • How must I show up at boarding gate?
    Have your e-boarding card barcode on your mobile at the centre of the display and have your ID ready.
    At boarding time, put your mobile on the barcode reader at the gate and show your ID to gate staff.
    At last, remember to check your seat number before boarding and switching your mobile off.
  • What is a 2D barcode?
    It’s a graphic barcode that has all boarding card data. To be able to use it, there must be an optical barcode reader at the airport of departure. It’s available for clients leaving among Rome Fiumicino, Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Milan Orio al Serio, Palermo,Turin, Venice and Verona.
  • What must I do if my mobile phone battery is dead (or if I cancelled my mobile boarding card)?
    If your mobile should fail for any reason (including dead battery), or e-boarding card not displayed properly, once at the airport you may always have your boarding card printed at an Alitalia airport desk.
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