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FAQ - Baggage

Answers to a wide range of frequently asked questions about Alitalia's services and products, locations and benefits and many of travel related issues.

  • How much baggage registered can go in hold?
    The ticket price includes transport of baggage in hold up to a certain amount, that changes according to the booking class and destination.

    For further clarifications, see the dedicated page.
  • Which is the maximum allowed weight for each piece of baggage that goes in hold? Are there exceptions?
    Each piece of registered baggage may not exceed 23 kgs., in any case. If baggage exceeds this limit, part of content will have to be put into another baggage to be registered or as carry-on (if not exceeding foreseen limits).
    Only exceptions concern wheelchairs and live animal containers.
  • What is the deadline for sending a complaint regarding my baggage?
    Complaints for disruption of service regarding misplaced baggage, must be sent to the Company within the following deadlines:

    Delayed baggage return: within 21 days from the date the baggage is returned;
    Damage and tampering/pilferage: 7 days from the date the report was filed at the airport (DPR);
    Lost baggage: 2 years from the date the report was filed at the airport (PIR);
    Damage following delayed return: within 21 days from the date the baggage is returned;
    Tampering/pilferage following delayed return; within 21 days from the date the baggage is returned.
  • How much carry-on may I have in cabin?
    Each passenger may take only one carry-on in cabin not exceeding 8 kgs. and of total measure of 115 cms. (55 cms. length, 25 cms. height, 35 cms. depth), including handle, side pocket and wheels.  
    Check your carry-on is within these limits by using the on-purpose measurement containers, located near check-in desks and Alitalia boarding gates. 
    If your carry-on should be bigger than allowed, our staff will tag it and put it in hold.
  • Which objects are not allowed in my registered baggage?
    Valuable or dangerous objects (such as jewellery, flammable liquids) or perishable (food or medicines).

    For more information, see on the website the baggage regulations.
  • Can my baggage be inspected when I am not present?
    Yes, it can. If we find lost baggage, in order to avoid further inconveniences, we may need to check its contents to make sure that it corresponds to the description in the Property Irregularity Report (PIR).
    Furtermore, other countries' Authorities may inspect baggage, where deemed necessary, for security reasons (e.g. USA).
  • What should I do if my clothing or personal belongings have been damaged onboard during the flight?
    In case of damage to clothing or personal belongings on board, you must send a written request for reimbursement to the Customer Relations Office responsible for your geographic area, attaching the following documents: Original copy of the cabin report drawn up and issued by the cabin supervisor;  dry cleaner’s receipt proving the cleaning of the article of clothing or the specialized shop for any repair of the damage that occurred. If the cleaning was not successful or there is permanent damage to the article of clothing, you must also send the declaration of the shop or tailor’s stating that it was impossible to restore the damaged article of clothing to its original condition along with the purchase date and cost of the clothing. The article of clothing must then be returned to Alitalia through DHL with shipping costs charged to the Company.

  • Who should I contact for problems regarding my baggage?
    In case of irregularity in the carriage of baggage (delayed delivery, loss, tampering/pilferage, damage), you can immediately go to the Loss & Found Office at your arrival airport in order to file the appropriate report (PIR); subsequently, you can contact the Customer Relations Office in your home country.

  • What should I do if I do not find my checked baggage at the baggage claim area when I arrive at my destination?
    If there is a delay in your baggage delivery, you should immediately go to the Alitalia Lost & Found Baggage Assistance Service at the arrival airport where you will be given a Property Irregularity Report or PIR and a form with all the necessary instructions. It is important that you do this when you arrive at your final destination before leaving the baggage claim area.
    If the baggage is not delivered to you within the next 5 days, we kindly request that you send a detailed list of the contents of your baggage (indicating the PIR number and the corresponding label), via fax to the number 06 65433114.
    You can also contact the Baggage Assistance Service by phone at the number 06 2222.  

    If you live abroad, you can contact the Alitalia Baggage Customer Relations Office responsible for your geographic area. You can follow the search for your baggage online thanks to WorldTracer, the automatic baggage search service found on our website.   For more information on misplaced baggage, see the Baggage Assistance section.

  • What should I do if my baggage is damaged during the flight?
    If you live in Italy, in case of external damage to your suitcase, you should go to the Lost&Found Office at the arrival airport where the office will issue a voucher (TCV), if the damage is minor, that can be used for the purchase of Alitalia tickets, or the immediate replacement of the damaged suitcase in those airports where there is an agreement with a well-known luggage company and there is adequate stock.
    You also have the possibility of selecting your suitcase from a catalog and receiving it later on at your home.
    Or if you like, you can request reimbursement directly from the Customer Relations Office, sending your claim (within 7 days from the date that you filed the PIR or DPR, Damaged Property Report) via fax to 199.125623 or filling out the online form, to which you must attach the following documents: Property Irregularity Report (PIR) or Damaged Property Report (DPR), that will be issued to you by the Loss & Found Office, baggage label, ticket receipt and/or boarding pass, expense estimate; where necessary, a statement declaring that the damage cannot be repaired; where necessary, a statement of the retail value of the suitcase, if it cannot be repaired.

  • How can my baggage travel with me?
    You may take your baggage: 
    • in hold (registered baggage) 
    • in cabin (hand baggage)
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