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FAQ - MilleMiglia Program

Answers to a wide range of frequently asked questions about Alitalia's services and products, locations and benefits and many of travel related issues.

  • How do I purchase MilleMiglia miles for my account?
    Buy Miles is an online program that allows MilleMiglia members to purchase miles for their own MilleMiglia account. Simply complete the Buy Miles Purchase Information to begin a transaction. When prompted, enter the number of miles you would like to purchase for your MilleMiglia account. The miles will be instantly deposited into the member's account for the majority of transactions although please allow up to 24 hours for the miles to post.
  • Which credit cards will you accept?
    Your Buy Miles order can be charged to a valid American Express, MasterCard and Visa credit card.
  • How many miles can I buy for my account?
    You can buy miles in increments of 1,000 miles. You may purchase or receive up to 40,000 miles in any one transaction and up to 40,000 miles in any calendar year.
  • How much does Buy Miles cost?
    Price per purchase of 1,000 miles is € 25, and this price is valid until December 31, 2011.
  • Can I book award ticket with purchased miles?
    When booking an award, 25% of the miles required for an award must be earned miles with Alitalia or MilleMiglia Partners. Buy, Gift or Transfer miles can be used for a maximum of 75% of the miles required for any requested award. For example redeem for a 40,000 miles award and use 30,000 Buy, Gift or Transfer miles and 10,000 earned miles.
  • How will be the accrued and purchased miles consumed when booking an award?
    When booking an award, Alitalia will check your earned and Buy, Gift or Transfer miles status on your account and the system will consume first the Buy, Gift or Transfer miles up to maximum of 75% and accrued miles with Alitalia or partner will be used for the rest of the total amount of the miles requested (but not less than 25% of the award value).
  • Do purchased miles help me qualify for the MilleMiglia Exclusive Clubs status?
    No. Purchased MilleMiglia miles do not count toward the MilleMiglia Exclusive Clubs status qualification.
  • Can I use Buy Miles if I live outside Italy?
    Yes, the Buy Miles Program is a worldwide program that is available to all MilleMiglia members. Additional GST/HST applies to purchases by Canadian residents. This also applies to Gift and Transfer.
  • Is my order secure and is the personal information I supply confidential?
    All personal information is processed by Alitalia and in compliance with laws and regulations related to the personal data protection and in particular in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree n. 196, June 30, 2003 (Personal data protection) in the manner described in the Terms and Conditions of the MilleMiglia program available online. This applies to Buy, Gift & Transfer program.
  • Who can help me if I am having difficulties with Buy Miles?
    For additional questions or assistance completing a Buy Miles transaction, contact Customer Support at
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