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FAQ - MilleMiglia Program

Answers to a wide range of frequently asked questions about Alitalia's services and products, locations and benefits and many of travel related issues.

  • Are miles automatically credited?
    Miles are automatically credited on presentation of your MilleMiglia card at check-in. We do suggest, though, that you keep your boarding card and tickets until you have been informed that miles have been credited to you, as delays may sometimes occur.
  • What can I do if miles earned for flights are not credited to me?
    For all transaction made with Alitalia or its airline partners, you have 4 months from the date of travel to request the crediting of missing miles. The request for missing miles can be done:

    • Online, by completing the Request your miles form for flights taken with electronic tickets
    • by mail or fax for paper tickets and flights flown with Partner airlines: send a copy of the ticket receipt and boarding pass stub, clearly stating your name and MilleMiglia code to your local Alitalia office. 
    If the documentation is complete and correct, the miles will be credited within 30 days. The member will then need to check that miles appear on his/her statement

    The crediting of miles related to services offered by Alitalia commercial Partners will have to be requested from the program Partner itself, as indicated in the program Terms and Conditions. Partners will then be responsible for properly transmitting to Alitalia the credit for these miles. The member should verify that the information has been transmitted to Alitalia commercial Partners and that the miles have been credited to him, by regularly checking his/her statement.
  • What should I do if a bonus from a promotion has not been credited to my statement?
    If you find that a bonus from a MilleMiglia promotion has not been credited, please contact MilleMiglia Customer Services and just send us a communication with the following data:
    • Surname*
    • Date of birth*
    • Club* (MilleMiglia, Ulisse, Freccia Alata or Freccia Alata Plus Club)
    • MilleMiglia code
    • Telephone
    • E-mail
    • Message 
    * Mandatory information
  • How long does it take to credit miles?
    It takes approximately 4 weeks to credit miles from the date of application to the Customer Services.
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