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FAQ - Security and Privacy

Answers to a wide range of frequently asked questions about Alitalia's services and products, locations and benefits and many of travel related issues.
  • Does the Alitalia website guarantee the security of my personal information and payment details when I buy a ticket (e.g. my credit card number)?
    Our server uses the most up-to-date SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer) that protects personal information and online purchasing. 
    At the bottom of the screen on most browsers you’ll see an icon in the shape of a padlock showing that your browser supports SSL. For more information, use your browser’s online guide.  
    If your browser doesn’t support SSL, we recommend that you download the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
  • How do you handle my personal details?
    We deal with your personal details in accordance with the rules on privacy (Italian law no. 675 of December 31, 1996, with following changes and additions) regarding protection of personal information. This law incorporates the principles defined in the EU Directive 95/46CE. 
    Furthermore, measures we take to protect your privacy comply with the norms set out in the “Safe Harbor Privacy Principles” issued by the US Department of Commerce. 
    However, for increased security reasons, we are receiving more and more mandatory requests to pass on our customers’ personal data and travel details (acquired by us during normal airline operations) to various local authorities all over the world (particularly, customs and immigration authorities). Such compulsory communication is required in order to formalise transport contracts.
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