Air One, Alitalia’s smart carrier, serves domestic and international destinations operated with the latest generation Airbus 320. 
Members can even earn miles* with Air One based on the distances flown and the selected booking class. 

Booking classesR, L, W, X, D, I, ZT, V, K, H, A, N, S, E, Q, UY, B, M
Flights within Italy
Flights from Italy to Europe (and vv.)
0250 miles500 miles
Flights from Italy to: Tunis, Instanbul,
St. Petersburg, Kiev (and vv.)
0500 miles1,000 miles

Table valid until September 30st 2013.

Miles earned are qualifying to gain access and renew membership in the Exclusive Clubs.
Miles are calculated based on the IATA TPM (Ticketed Point Mileage). Round-trip flights are considered as two separate segments.
Please note that all miles earned for operations performed up until December 31st 2012 will be credited to the account relative to the 2008-2012 Edition. All miles earned for operations performed after January 1st 2013 will be credited to the 2013 account, relative to the new edition of the Program. Miles earned under the Program’s 2013 edition can not be combined with those from the 2008-2012 Edition in order to request rewards.

* For all flights not included in the above mentioned tables, operated by Alitalia with Air One aircraft, please refer to the accrual table valid on Alitalia flights.
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