The table show the miles earned based on the distances flown and the selected booking class:

Table valid for flights operated from June 1, 2013 


Booking classes

V, HY, B, M, L, E, KJ, C, D

Flights of 500 miles or less


Flights over 500 miles

50% of the miles flownMiles flown150% of the miles flown

Miles cannot be earned with the following booking classes: I, O, X, S, R, W, U, T, Q, P, A, N, Z, G, F. 

Table valid for flights operated until May 31, 2013 

Miles to be credited*EconomyBusiness
Booking classesH, J, L, N, R, S, T, UAll other classesAll classes
Journeys up to 500 miles250500750
Journeys over 500 miles50% of miles flownMiles flown150% of miles flown

No miles credited for the following booking classes: A, E, G, P, Q, Z.

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* Miles are calculated according to IATA TPM (Ticketed Point Mileage).