Miles with Xiamen Airlines

Here are the miles you can earn with Xiamen Airlines. Remember that the number of miles depends on the distance flown and the booking class chosen.


Miles to be credited*EconomyBusinessFirst
Booking classesM, N, QY, B, H, K, LDP, F, J
Journeys up to 500 miles250500625750
Journeys over 500 miles50% of miles flownMiles flown125% of miles flown150% of miles flown

No miles credited for the following booking classes: A, E, G, O, R, S, U, W, X, Z, V, T, I, R.
Table valid for flights flown from November 15th, 2012. 

You can redeem your miles with Xiamen Airlines. Miles earned with this Partner bring you closer to the goal of membership in the Exclusive Clubs.

* Miles are calculated according to IATA TPM (Ticketed Point Mileage).