This table shows you how many miles you need to get your award ticket.

AreaDestination round tripEconomy                 Business
EY0Inside Middle East20,00030,000
EY1Flights from United Arab Emirates to: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran30,00045,000
EY2Flights from United Arab Emirates to Iraq40,00060,000
EY3Flights from United Arab Emirates to: Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Cyprus50,00075,000
EY4Flights from United Arab Emirates to: Egypt, Sudan, Turkey, Nepal, India and Maldives.60,00090,000
EY5Flights from United Arab Emirates to: Greece, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Russia and Bielorussia65,00097,500
EY6Flights from United Arab Emirates to Germany and Italy80,000120,000
EY7Inside South Africa90,000135,000
EY8Flights from United Arab Emirates to Thailand, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Malesya and Great Britain
Flights from Cina and Japan
EY9Flights from United Arab Emirates to Morocco, Ireland, Cina, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, South Africa, Australia, Canada, USA and Singapore120,000180,000

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Please note that the Miles earned under the Program’s 2013 edition can not be combined with those from the 2008-2012 Edition in order to request rewards.
The destinations shown on the charts for requesting award tickets vary according to operational changes made by the airline partners of the MilleMiglia Program. The miles indicated on the charts for all the airline partners refer to direct flights, in other words, flights with a single outgoing leg and a single incoming one. Not all the destinations shown on the charts are served by direct flights. In the event of connecting flights, payment will be requested in miles.