Fly with Air One and earn miles based on the distance flown and the chosen booking class, as shown in the following table1:

Booking ClassesR, L, W, X, D, I, ZT, V, K, H, A, N, S, E, Q, UY, B, M
Miles2 for flights within Italy and from Italy to other destinations in Europe (and vice versa)0250 miles500 miles
Miles2 for flights within Italy and from Italy to: Tunis Kiev Istanbul and St. Petersbourg (and vice versa)0500 miles1,000 miles

  • The miles earned can be used to join or renew membership to our Exclusive Clubs
  • The outbound and inbound flights are considered as two distinct legs
  • Miles earned as of January 1, 2013 will be credited to the account for the 2013 edition of the program and may not be used in combination with those of the previous edition for the purpose of requesting awards  

1. Valid until September 30, 2013
2. Fixed amount of miles calculated according to the destination and the fare type purchased