First Flight Certificate

 If your child is at his/her first flight, Alitalia gives you the chance to celebrate this event with a Certificate which inaugurates his/her first flight experience as a passenger.
Print this certificate, fill it in and give it to the cabin crew on board, the Captain will be happy to sign it and make it official!

Services at the airport

At Rome Fiumicino airport you will find an 'Amica' Lounge (Terminal A, opening hours 05:30-24:00, ph. +39 06 65634575) equipped with a nursery with kitchenette, utensils and baby-care items.
Children before their twelfth birthday are entitled to several fare discounts and a special assistance.

Services on board

On intercontinental flights, you will find cots*. When booking flights for children between 2 and 11 (before the 12th birthday), you can ask for a 'children’s meal' containing a selection of things which most children like. This service is not available on domestic flights.

An infant who has not reached his or her 2nd birthday may not occupy a seat and must be accompanied by either a parent, or an adult over 18 (the parent can be under 18, as long as he or she has legal responsibility for the child).** It must be pointed out in any case on the accompanying adult's reservation.

Children aged 2-11 years have the same allowance of adults of 1 piece of luggage 23 Kgs + free transportation of a stroller. Infant aged 0-23 months a standard allowance of 10 Kgs + free transportation of a stroller, applying on all destinations and booking classes.  

Lounges Single Entry for children

Access is also granted, at a cost of 15 euros, to children between 2 and 11 (before the 12th birthday), travelling with a MilleMiglia or Ulisse member. For children older than 12 years, the single entry is granted at the same cost of adults (30 euros), while infants aged 0-23 months can benefit of free access.

* Some aircraft have cots for use on board, to be handed back to the cabin staff at the end of the flight. 
Our 'cot-on-board' service should be booked when you get your ticket. If this service should not be available, you can take your own cot into the cabin, making sure first that it fits in the space available, otherwise it will have to be placed in the baggage hold. 


** For safety reasons on all long haul flights - B777, A331 and A332 - in Magnifica infants will be allowed to travel only using an approved car seat, as per the procedure already in place.

Policy for unaccompanied minors

For young passengers between 5 and 14 (before their 15th birthday) who are travelling alone - or with another person less than 18 years old - Alitalia takes very special steps to make sure that the child is absolutely safe at all times.  
We remind you that in case of minor who travels in Economy class and parents in Magnifica class, the operator has to set up the Unaccompanied Minors Procedure.

The Alitalia service for unaccompanied minors (UNMR) requires the payment of a fee for each ticket issued as of February 22, 2010, according to the following rules:

(children between 5 and 14)
Destinations (from/to Italy)Fee
All domestic flights within Italy
(children between 5 and 14)
40 euros per segment
International flights
(children between 5 and 15)
60 euros per segment
Intercontinental flights
(children between 5 and 15)
125 euros per segment
Flights from USA (and return flight) 
(children between 5 and 15)
125 dollars per segment

Please find also that:
  • no additional fee applies to connecting flights
  • no fee reduction applies to brothers and sisters fliying together

The adult attending the unaccompanied minor is requested to remain at the airport until flight departure.

"Voluntary" unaccompanied minor service 

If you are traveling alone and are at least 14 years old and you want to fly in Italy, or 15 years old and if you intend to fly abroad, you are no longer required to request the "unaccompanied minor" service, but if you wish whatever, you can receive assistance.
Alitalia offers you a new service: 'Voluntary’ unaccompanied minor.

The service in fact permits minors that are over the age for using the obligatory service, and who therefore might need to travel alone, to be assisted or accompanied during all phases of their travel.
The service may be applied to all minors departing from 30 June 2011 onwards and is dedicated to young people between the ages of:

  • at least 14 – 17 years old for domestic flights (Italy)
  • at least 15 – 17 years old for international/Intercontinental flights.

Payment may be made after the booking has been confirmed for the entire itinerary. Fares, booking method, assistance in the airport and on board assistance are the same as established for obligatory unaccompanied minors. The "Voluntary" unaccompanied minor service can be purchased for flights operated by the Alitalia Ggroup  (XM, VE, CT). For connecting flights in those cases in which Alitalia is required to re-protect the minor on a continuing flight different from the one purchased, the service will also be guaranteed on the new flight.

We would also like to point out the following:

  • there is no additional charge for connecting flights
  • there is no reduction in the fee for family members traveling together
  • fee is applied both on the individual adult and group fare, except for special fares for destination in Sardinia and Crotone and it is applied through the issue of the appropriate document.

For more info and reservations, contact your nearest Alitalia office.

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