If you are expecting a baby and you have to fly, it is necessary and important to respect some procedures in order to ensure the highest levels of assistance and safety throughout your journey, both on the ground and in flight. Alitalia advises you not to travel if you have given birth seven days before you travel, or if you are due to give birth seven days after you travel.

You will need to present a doctor’s certificate at the check-in, which you can get by filling in the Medical Information Form (MEDIF). 

A doctor’s certificate is obligatory if:

  • you are in the last four weeks of pregnancy
  • your pregnancy has some medical complications
  • you are going to have twins.

If you are travelling with an accompanying passenger, you will be allocated a seat next to yours so that this person can be close at hand to help you (with meals, using the toilet, etc.) throughout your journey.

If you need special assistance, equipment or services you must request them when you book your flight
The request will then be confirmed. You must confirm your reservation(including accompanying passenger) for the whole journey.

For more info and reservations, contact your nearest Alitalia office.

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