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General Conditions of Carriage

Here you will find terms, rules and procedures that guide Alitalia's conduct in relation to domestic and international transport of passengers and baggage, also found in brief in the ticket cover. Tickets are travel documents valid for the named passenger only and are not transferable.

The principles that have inspired the General Conditions of Carriage are to be found in the Public Services Document of the Transportation Sector (or “Carta della Mobilità”), according to the general reference scheme outlayed by the Department of the Public Function, in agreement with the Ministry of Transportation and Navigation, and promulgated by Decree of the Ministries Council President dated December 30, 1998, published in the Ordinary Supplement of Italian Republic's "Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana", nr. 26, dated February 2, 1999; in the Alitalia "Carta dei Servizi" and in the Alitalia Airline Passenger Service Commitment (APSC). 

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Air carrier liability for passengers and their baggage

Die Haftung der Fluggesellschaft für Passagiere und deren Gepäck

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