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The Exclusive clubs

The new edition of the MilleMiglia Program allows members to enjoy additional advantages and, thanks to the possibility of transferring any unused qualifying miles to the following year, it’s even easier to grn access to the Exclusive Clubs.

Lounges, priority standby, free excess baggage allowance… These are just some of the benefits you will gain by becoming a member of the Exclusive Clubs in the MilleMiglia Program.

Remember you can earn eligible miles, valid for access or to renew membership in Ulisse, Freccia Alata or Freccia Alata Plus Clubs, from January 1 to December 31 of the same calendar year on all flights with Alitalia, SkyTeam Partners and associate airlines, and with other Partners, where specifically indicated.

Moreover, joing Exclusive Clubs is even easier because access is also possible according to number of flights flown.  

Ulisse Club

To join the Ulisse club all you need are 20.000 qualifying miles accrued or 30 qualifying flights in a calendar year.

Freccia Alata Club

To join the Freccia Alata club you must accrue 50.000 qualifying miles or fly 60 qualifying flights in a calendar yearv. Discover all the other benefits. 

Freccia Alata Plus Club

Freccia Alata Plus club you'll access by accruing at least 80.000 qualifying miles or flying 90 qualifying flights in a calendar year. A club that makes travelling experience even more comfortable for our globe-trotters.

Freccia Alata Plus "Per Sempre"

The MilleMiglia Programme introduces the Freccia Alata Plus "Per Sempre" Card, a special unlimited acknowledgement of the programme’s most prestigious status: the Freccia Alata Plus Club.

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