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Freccia Alata Club

To join the Freccia Alata Club, you must accrue 50.000 qualifying1 miles or, as of 2010, fly 60 qualifying1 flights in a calendar year. On top, you'll gain the Elite Plus2 member status if you fly with SkyTeam companies.
Discover all Freccia Alata Club member privileges. 
The new edition of the MilleMiglia Program allows members to enjoy additional advantages and, thanks to the possibility of transferring any unused qualifying miles to the following year, it’s even easier to gain access to the Exclusive Clubs.

More travel services 

  • Access to Lounges in Italy and abroad. Click here to view the Lounge's admittance policy.  
  • Easier check-in, with Telecheck-in, waiting list priority at check-in (only on Alitalia flights) and you may check-in at Alitalia Business Class counters even if you have an Economy Class ticket 
  • More comfort for your baggages: free transport of some sport equipment (only on Alitalia flights) and priority at baggage collection
  • Preferred access to security check points to expedite security procedures
  • Priority for boarding (only on Alitalia flights)
  • Free booking of your extra comfort seat with the Web Check-in, on all international medium and long haul flights.  

Additional free bag 

Freccia Alata members can carry on Alitalia, Air France, KLM and Delta operated flights an additional free bag (23 kgs max if they travel in Economy Class and 32 kgs max if they travel in Business Class) and, on Alitalia operated flights, an additional free piece of sporting equipment (23 kgs max if they travel in Economy Class and 32 kgs max if they travel in Business Class) besides what already allowed.

Free baggage allowance is granted on flights operated by SkyTeam Partner Airlines with the following information3:

  • a piece of luggage more for flights having a piece concept baggage allowance;
  • 20 kg more for flights having a weight baggage concept.

For further information on the policy applied by SkyTeam Partner Airlines visit SkyTeam.com or the website of the company that operates the flight.

Increased care

  • Customer service at your local Alitalia Office
  • Reservations guaranteed up to 24 hours before departure for full fare (Y) Economy Class tickets on long haul flights (only on Alitalia flights) 
  • Priority for reservation waitlist (only on Alitalia flights)
  • SkyPriority priority itinerary: the best airport services offered by the airlines of the SkyTeam Alliance

Business forYOU

The Freccia Alata Club offers 'Business forYOU', an opportunity for our top customers that allows you to enjoy the comfort of Ottima - Business Class with a Classica - Economy Class ticket.

For all the 2013, you can enjoy also the comfort of Classica Plus - Premium Economy Class with a Classica - Economy Class ticket.

When you purchase a Classica - Economy class ticket (in booking classes Y, B, M and H) for Alitalia international flights, you can request up to 4 upgrades to Classica Plus - Premium Economy Class or to Ottima - Business Class, at no additional cost.

You can use 'Business forYOU' for yourself or share this opportunity with whomever you wish.

How to request 'Business forYOU'
If you have an e-Ticket that you purchased online or at a local Alitalia Office, contact the office itself to check upper class seat availability.
You cannot request an upgrade directly at the airport.

Take advantage of this opportunity: thanks to 'Business forYOU', flying will be an even more pleasant experience.

Terms and conditions

  • The initiative is for Freccia Alata Club members.
  • A member can enjoy this benefit as long as he belongs to the Freccia Alata Club.
  • Each member can request the upgrade to Business class for 2 roundtrip flights or for 4 separate legs, within the benefit validity period  
  • To use this perk, you must have an e-ticket issued by the Alitalia website or the local Alitalia Office for booking classes Y, B, M, H (for Classica - Economy Class), for international medium and long haul flights operated by Alitalia.
  • The perk can be used by the member or person indicated by the member (who, in any case, must hold an economy ticket issued for the classes mentioned above) but it must be requested at the Alitalia office by the person holding the Freccia Alata card.
  • The request must be made at least 3 days before the flight, to be used within the benefit validity deadline date
  • Seats reserved for this initiative are limited and there is no wait list.
  • Once the member’s upgrade to Business class is confirmed, no changes may be made to the itinerary and/or date and/or passenger name.
  • The miles earned for the Business class flight booked through this initiative are for the booking class that you actually booked.
  • Upgrades from Classica - Economy Class, or from Classica Plus - Premium Economy Class, to Magnifica - Business Class are not allowed.


  1. Qualifying flights are those so considered according to fares that determine miles as qualifying. In other words those that allow access or renewal of membership of Exclusive Clubs. You can earn them between January 1 and December 31 of a calendar year, using Alitalia and Air One flights, SkyTeam Partners and with other Partners, wherever expressly stated.
  2. Benefits may be subject to limitations by the individual Airline Partners.
  3. With the exception of Delta flights operated within United States or between United States and Canada, Portorico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Brazil.  

Pour rejoindre le Club Freccia Alata vous devez avoir accumulé 50.000 miles qualifiantes1 miles ou bien, à compter de 2010, voler sur 60 vols qualifiants au cours de l’année calendaire.
Vous gagnerez également le statut Elite2member en volant avec les compagnies partenaires SkyTeam.
Découvrez les privilèges des membres du club Freccia Alata.

Plus de miles accumulés

  • Un bonus exclusif3 de 50% de miles en voyageant avec Alitalia ou avec toutes les autres compagnies de l’alliance SkyTeam.
    Vous trouverez ci-dessous quelques exemples sur le calcul des Bonus Exclusifs:

    Rome-Milan (la distance parcourue en miles est inférieure à 500)
    Classe de réservationMiles par volBonus exclusifMiles total
    L, X, O, W, G, R, Q, S7502501,000
    N, T, V1.0002501,250
    K, M, H1,2502501,500
    B, Y1,5002501,750
    I, D, E1,7502502,000

    Rome-Palerme (la distance parcourue en miles est inférieure à 500)
    Classe de réservationMiles par volBonus exclusifMiles total
    R, O, L, G, W10040100
    N, S, Q, X250125375
    K, V, T500250750
    M, H7502501,000

    Milan-Paris (la distance parcourue en miles est inférieure à 500)
    Classe de réservationMiles par volBonus exclusifMiles Total
    R, O510040100
    N, S, Q, L, X, W, G500250750
    K, V, T1,0005001,500
    Y, B, M, H1,5005002,000
    J, C, D, I, E63,0005003,500

    Rome-New York (la distance parcourue en miles est de 4,280)
    Classe de réservationMiles par volBonus exclusifMiles total
    N, S, Q, L, X, W, O, G2,1401,0703,210
    K, V, T4,2802,1406,420
    Y, B, M, H6,4202,1408,560
    P, A8,5602,14010,700
    J, C, D, I, E612,8402,14014,980

Plus de possibilités de dépenser ses miles

  • Accès privilégiés aux billets primes (seulement sur les vols Alitalia)

1. Les vols qualifiants sont les vols dont le tarif choisi est considéré comme qualifiant. En d’autres mots ceux qui permettent d’accéder ou de renouveler l’adhésion à des clubs exclusifs. Vous pouvez les gagner entre le 1er janvier et le 31 décembre de l’année calendaire, en voyageant sur les vols Alitalia, Air One, avec tous les partenaires SkyTeam et les compagnies partenaires en dehors de cette alliance. (cf pages dédiées).
2. Les bénéfices peuvent être soumis à restriction individuellement aux compagnies aériennes partenaires.
3. Le bonus exclusive est accordé selon les classes de réservation (hors promotions) et est calculé sur la base de miles gagnés pour chaque vol en classe économique. (Le Mileage maximal applicable au bonus exclusif est celui déterminé par les classes de réservation K, V, and T dans le tableau cumul de miles). Pour le Milan Rome, le bonus exclusif est calculée pour toutes les classes de réservation en pourcentage de la base du kilométrage de vol de 500 miles. Les miles gagnés avec le Bonus exclusive ne sont pas qualifiants pour l’accession aux Clubs exclusifs. Vous devez être membre Freccia Alata pour recevoir le Bonus Exclusif.
4. Miles non qualifiants.
5. Pour les vols internationaux volés jusqu’au 31/05/2011, la classe de réservation O donne le même montant de miles que les classes N, S, Q, L, X, W, G.
6. En classe E les miles seront crédités pour les voyages à partir du 01/03/11.  

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