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regulations for the joint conciliation between Alitalia and the consumer protection associations

On 19 July 2010 Alitalia and 12 Consumer Protection Associations signed the Joint Conciliation Regulations, that makes it possible to settle disputes between the Company and consumers out of court, through a free Conciliation Commission, established and managed jointly by the signatory associations and the company. Subsequently,another two associations signed the Regulations, thus joining the initiative. 

The signatory associations are the following: ACU, Adiconsum, Adusbef, Adoc, Altroconsumo, Assoutenti, Casa del Consumatore, Centro Tutela Consumatori Utenti,  Cittadinanzattiva, Codici, Confconsumatori, Federconsumatori, Lega Consumatori, Movimento Difesa del Cittadino and  Movimento consumatori 

The Regulations is one of the key elements of the Statement of Understanding signed on 5 July 2010, that provides for, in addition to conciliation, the definition within one year of a Charter of Services and the commitment to provide information to passengers regarding their rights.

Alitalia was the first air carrier to sign a conciliation agreement and establish a permanent negotiating table with consumer protection associations. It deems these tools as useful for stimulating the improvement of quality,  greater customer satisfaction and also for reducing the length and cost of judicial proceedings. Everything has been done with the protection of and respect for consumer rights in mind.

Consumers can access the conciliation procedure in absence of a reply or a reply that does not satisfy their claims for disputes regarding trips made starting from 1 July 2010 and when there is a deviation between the obligations and/or commitments taken on by Alitalia and those effectively enjoyed by the passengers.

For complete information on the conciliation procedure and its characteristics, see the attached Regulations and the link on the following page.

Detailed procedures, forms for presenting the request, the special toll-free number or e-mail address can be found on the page Site Forms

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