Search your baggage

WorldTracer: the international baggage tracing system

We’re extremely sorry to hear that your baggage is missing, and it goes without saying that we’ll do our upmost to find it as soon as possible.

For a start, we’ve already included the details of your baggage on WorldTracer, the computerised global search system, using the information you provided (your addresses, description of your baggage, particular features, contents, etc.). You should check that the information is correct and let us know straight away if there are any changes to be made.
To view your file and get information in real time on how the search is proceeding, type in the 10 characters of your "File reference" and your family name in the spaces below, then press "GO".
Once we’ve found your baggage, we’ll phone you to arrange delivery.

WorldTracer: the international baggage tracing system

File Reference: Family Name:
e.g. ATLXS13166 e.g. ROSSI

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