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Earn miles by flying all over the world with Alitalia, with SkyTeam Companies and with Airlines that are Partners in the MilleMiglia Program.   
Earn miles by using your credit card to stay at the best hotels or to rent cars. The MilleMiglia Program gives you hundreds of opportunities to earn miles by using Alitalia’s services and those of the commercial Partners. 

Even faster and easier as of January 1st 2013.
Up until March 31st 2013 you’ll earn a minimum of 500 miles each way for all Alitalia flights, and a minimum of 750 miles will be credited for flights between Rome and Milan Linate, up to a maximum of 2,000 qualifying miles.
Please note that all miles earned for operations performed up until December 31st 2012 will be credited to the account relative to the 2008-2012 Edition. All miles earned for operations performed after January 1st 2013 will be credited to the 2013 account, relative to the new edition of the Program. Miles earned under the Program’s 2013 edition can not be combined with those from the 2008-2012 Edition in order to request rewards. 

With the Buy Miles service, you can buy the miles you need, purchase miles as a gift or transfer your miles to friends or family members.

How to have miles awarded

Two suggestions to have miles awarded: quote your MilleMiglia code during the booking and show your card at the check-in.


With Alitalia you earn miles based on the distance traveled and the class of service booked.


China Eastern joined the SkyTeam Alliance. Find out how to earn miles with it and with the other Partners.

Partner Airlines

As a result of a partnership agreement with Alitalia, you can also earn miles with our Partner Airlines.

Credit cards

The more you spend, the more miles you earn.

Partner hotels

You get exclusive service and many more miles when you stay in a MilleMiglia Partner hotel.

Car Rental

Renting a car with Maggiore in Italy or around the world will enable members of the MilleMiglia programme to benefit from a miles accumulation plan.

Other Partners

Other chances for you to earn miles.

Alitalia Boutique

Enjoy the GriffAir products, the high altitude Boutique.

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