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Hotel Offers

Below you can find our best offers from MilleMiglia hotel partners. 
Quote your MilleMiglia code when you make the reservation and show your MilleMiglia card at check-in.  


From December 1st, 2013 to February 28, 2014
For stays from 1 December until 28 February, earn 1000 miles and get 20 % discount with our rate “Double Miles for Early Birds” in almost 500 properties of Worldhotels worldwide. Simply book your stay 20 days in advance with a minimum length of stay of 2 nights.
For bookings and more information, please click here


Until February 28, 2014
Double miles in the hotel of the main European cities. Minimum stay of 2 nights to enjoy the promotion.
To see a list of participating hotels, click here.
Remember to give your Millemiglia card number at check-in.

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