The conciliation request must be presented to the Conciliation Office by filling out the form found on the page. 

This request can be sent in the following ways:

  • By registered post with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address:
    • Ufficio di Conciliazione
      Alitalia S.p.A. / Associazioni dei Consumatori
      c/o Alitalia S.p.A., Piazza Almerico da Schio, 00054 – Fiumicino (RM);
  • via fax, to the following special number: 06 6563 8015;
  • by e-mail to the following address:

You can also contact the conciliation office by phone, from 10 to 13, Monday through Friday at the following special number: 06 6563 8014.

Download the Form  for the conciliation request

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