Payment Methods, Service Charges and Refunds

To purchase your tickets on our website, choose one of the following payment methods:


A service charge applies* to ticket purchases, at the following variable amount:
Web, Call Center or Ticket Counter purchase.
The service is free of charge. 

When you book your reservation through the Alitalia U.S. call center (800 223 5730) or at an Alitalia U.S. ticket counter, we will allow you to hold the quoted fare without payment for at least 24 hours if the reservation is made one week or more prior to scheduled flight departure. When you purchase a ticket through Alitalia’s U.S. web site, we will allow you to cancel without penalty and fee and receive a full refund within 24 hours after your purchase, if the reservation is made one week or more prior to scheduled flight departure.
Cancellations and refunds for qualifying web site purchases may be requested by calling 800 223 5730.

A fee of USD 20.00 per ticket for administration costs is applicable on all complete or partial ticket refund requests, for flights canceled by the passenger.
That fee of USD 20.00 is also provided only for the reimbursement of the airport taxes and security.
The fee, regardless of whether there is a refund penalty, applies on all tickets excluding those in Magnifica, Classica Plus, Economy/Libera Class and for flights with territorial continuity tariffs.
Airport taxes and security taxes can always be reimbursed for all tariffs.
If the reimbursable amount (referred to ticket and/or security and airport taxes) is less than the administration fee, no amount will be reimbursed.

*At the Alitalia ticket counter of Los Angeles Airport a USD 20 service fee is applicable to the issuance of a ticket.