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Italy Flights

Looking for a flight to reach your desired destination in Italy?
Alitalia will help you explore the "Bel Paese."

Check the special offers for opportunities to save and find the information you need to make your flight enjoyable and comfortable. 

The documents you need to bring with you, baggage information, check-in procedures and much more: You'll find everything you need to know to plan your trip from the comfort of your own home at

The site's online booking form is a fast way to check for flights: Select the date, departure and arrival airports, number of passengers traveling with you and preferred cabin class. The Alitalia search engine will quickly show you the flight offers and travel packages that best suit your needs.

You can display the search results by price or by departure time, then choose travel options and check the offers for available Alitalia flights.

Choose the flight that best suits your needs and book your air ticket for one of the Italian destinations served by Alitalia.

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Flights Within Europe

From London to Amsterdam, Barcelona to Paris and from Monaco to Athens - with Alitalia you can reach all of the major cities of Europe.

Find out about all the International connections available on the Alitalia network, choose your preferred destination and buy one or more tickets for an unforgettable vacation.

Organize your stay in one of the major capitals of Europe, discover the art, monuments and culture of the people, learn about their traditions and enjoy their history.

Buying a ticket on is easy: enter the dates of your stay, choose your departure and arrival cities, the number of passengers and your preferred travel class, then look at the various travel solutions and choose the one that best meets your needs.

Want some suggestions on where to go for Easter, Christmas or New Year’s? Or ideas about where to spend your summer vacation?
Find your flight on and book your tickets for any of the European destinations served by Alitalia.

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Africa Flights

There are destinations, and then there are destinations you always want to go back to. Amazing places that have a profound effect on you. Africa is certainly one of these!

With our intercontinental flights, we will take you to Africa with all the comfort you need, to make your journey all the more enjoyable.

Fly and discover stunning Algeria, with its imposing and magnificent sand dunes, the Grand Erg Oriental and Occidental; be captivated by the magic of Egypt and the Pyramids; dream in Ghana, Morocco and Nigeria. In Tunisia head towards the Ichkeul National Park, an ideal spot for birdwatching. Intercontinental flying is easy, because you can buy your ticket online: enter the airports of origin/destination, departure and arrival dates, and the number of adults and children traveling with you and the system will show you the best travel solutions from those available.

Be inspired by our destinations and experience a unique and special vacation: Mama Africa is waiting for you!

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Middle East

The enchanting Middle East: discover your wonderful destination

Middle East flights

The Thousand and One Nights are real. Not just tales and legends: here you can discover the fabulous dreamlike atmosphere created by Scheherezade with our intercontinental flights to the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates have what you are looking for in an amazing destination: futuristic, breathtaking architecture, luxurious buildings and beaches with the finest sand.

Discover the Holy Land of Israel on the fly; travel to Lebanon, Syria and Iran, where you can enjoy a close-up view of the Golestan Palace, the ancient royal palace of the Shahs of Persia.
Visit your dream destinations now: you can easily buy tickets online and finding the right Alitalia flight for you and your travel needs couldn't be easier.

And if you don't know where to go for your next trip, we will help you to find your new favorite destination, with many suggestions for unmissable tours.
Ready? The Middle East is calling you; what will you do? Are you going to respond?

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The magical and irresistible charm of Asia, one Alitalia flight away from home

Asia flights

The all-conquering charm of Asia, a unique and attractive culture, an amazing mix of past and future. Enthralling. Fly intercontinental with Alitalia to Asia: Our convenient travel classes will take you to your favorite destinations with ease.

Ever been to Japan? There is a whole world to discover in Tokyo, with its extremely high Tokyo Tower, the striking cherry blossom (hanami) and many young and quirky districts like Shibuya and Harajuku; then there's spiritual, relaxing Osaka with the oldest temple in Japan, the Shitennoji Temple.

But Asia also means China, with the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China, the dream islands of the Maldives, modern, spiritual Malaysia, the Pettah markets in Sri Lanka and Thailand with its temples and Wat Pho, the gold-leaf Buddha… There really is so much to see. And to experience.

Book your unforgettable vacation: Buy your flight online; your vacation is just a click away!

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North America

Fly Alitalia to North America, music to your ears

North America flights

Who said New York? If you're planning a trip to the Big Apple, we have intercontinental flights for you to take to New York, trying out all the comfort of our travel classes. In New York you can marvel at the Statue of Liberty, visit Central Park and lose yourself in the Fifth Avenue stores.

Then if you're looking for a destination full of art, relaxation and music, Toronto is where you need to be. The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA), High Park and the Royal Conservatory of Music offer the right background music for your trip to Canada.

Don't know where to go and want a suggestion?
Browse our travel ideas and choose the destination that inspires you the most.

To discover how best to organize your stay and for all the information you need, see the various sections of the website and enrich your flying experience with the services designed by us to make your trip unique.

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South America

South America, a force of nature: experience it with Alitalia!

South America flights

Argentina and Brazil: all the warmth of a vibrant culture, the colors of a fun-filled vacation and views that will remain etched in your memory.
Artistic and sensual Buenos Aires, with its tango and Casa Rosada; Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer, together with Sugarloaf Mountain and the world-famous Carnival. 

Fly intercontinental with Alitalia to South America with all the comforts of our services, designed especially to make your trip unique and special.
Discover the most important monuments to visit, the unmissable attractions and the dishes to try with our recommended tours.

Buy your ticket online and get ready to experience the vacation you desire, with Alitalia.

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Oceania, continente nuovo e sorprendente

Voli Oceania

Dal suo enorme stato principale, l’Australia, fino all’isola più piccola della Micronesia, i tesori che si susseguono tra il mare e la terraferma sono unici: Il continente nuovissimo, l'Oceania, è costituito per lo più di acqua e, le innumerevoli isole che lo formano, divise tra Polinesia, Melanesia, Micronesia e i territori dell’Australia e della Nuova Zelanda, hanno una popolazione molto ridotta in rapporto all’estensione delle terre emerse.

Una caratteristica cha ha consentito a questi luoghi remoti dell’emisfero australe di conservarsi come dei paradisi terrestri e di trasformarsi da meta di esploratori coraggiosi a sogno di tanti viaggiatori di tutto il mondo, che in cima ai loro desideri hanno un viaggio alle isole Fiji, a Guam o all’isola di Samoa.

Dalle barriere coralline alle montagne che sfiorano i 5.000 metri, dai manufatti megalitici alle testimonianze degli aborigeni che popolarono queste terre migliaia e migliaia di anni fa, l’Oceania è ancora oggi un continente immenso e misterioso, da esplorare.

Parti alla volta del nuovissimo continente, prenota un volo Alitalia!