Olbia Flights

An international landmark and destination chosen by tourists from all over the world to visit the glamorous Costa Smeralda, with its small bays and granite rocks, Olbia is the ideal place for making new friends and VIP connections during the summer vacation.

The most glamorous and modern side of Olbia, surrounded by greenery typical of northern Sardinia, is undoubtedly its seafront, with elegant stores and small shops selling local handicrafts that preserve the history of this "happy town", as it was called by the ancient Greeks.

For a tasty pit stop, Olbia, like all of Sardinia, is a feast of delights: sit outside one of the charming restaurants and cafés that are bustling with people, and eat mussels, a typical local dish, either with pasta or by themselves, then sip a coffee and taste honey seadas and tiliccas, traditional Sardinian sweets.


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