Pantelleria Flights

Just a couple of hints of what you can see on this fascinating trip: the enchanting Lago di Venere, the green and panoramic Montagna Grande and the plains cultivated with the Zibibbo grapes used to make the famous Passito wine.
Alitalia flights transport you to Pantelleria, the black pearl of the Mediterranean, of volcanic origin, located in the center of the Strait of Sicily.

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Must-see attractions include: the Montagna Grande Natural Park, one of the highest points in the Central Mediterranean; Barbacane Castle, which currently hosts a museum; Nicà and Gadir with their fabulous thermal springs; the Favare, real jets of warm water that spring intermittently from the rocks; the Specchio di Venere (Mirror of Venus), an enchanting lake in the crater of an extinct volcano where, according to myth, Venus came to compare her beauty with that of Psyche; the Salto della Vecchia, one of the highest points of the island, where you can admire an unforgettable panorama overlooking the sea; the Balata dei Turchi, one of the island's most untouched areas; the Grotta di Sateria, or Grotta della Salute, known for its thermal waters.
Nature lovers will also enjoy: Karuscia, Campobello, Kattibuali, Cala Cinque Denti, the Laghetto delle Ondine, the Elephant Arch, Scauri, Suvaki, Punta Fram, Mursia and Cala del Bue Marino.

Famous wines produced here, in addition to Passito, include Moscato di Pantelleria and Pignatello, as well as the renowned Solimano, a delicate sparkling wine. Pantelleria is also known for its delicious capers.
Don’t miss these events: the Lance Pantesche Regatta, the Festival of the Madonna della Margana and the Couscous Festival.

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