Privacy Policy

Policy pursuant Art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of June 30, 2003

Pursuant to Art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of June 30, 2003, on the issue of protection of persons with respect to the processing of personal data, Epipoli S.p.A., as the data controller, provides some information regarding the use of personal data.

The personal data regarding customers is acquired by Epipoli S.p.A. during Gift Card activation and when the service is accepted and managed, online or offline, and is used with the sole purpose of fulfilling contractual, accountancy and fiscal duties, activity programming and internal control services. Personal data may be processed by computer, telephone, online or by post.

To fulfill the purposes in question, this personal data may be transmitted and communicated to third parties authorized to process the data themselves, including by means of nomination as data controllers, as they provide or supply specific services strictly necessary to the execution of the contract, such as IT service companies, companies that provide payment services, affiliated companies, companies that provide printing, packing, transportation and sorting services for communications, outsourcing companies, consultants and self-employed professionals, all in accordance with the legal provisions regarding the safety of personal data. An updated list of data processors appointed by Epipoli S.p.A. is always available at the headquarters of the latter.

To fulfill the aforementioned purposes, this data may also be communicated to other data controllers. The data related to online payment for services purchased will be processed by Setefi SPA—Intesa San Paolo banking group—as an autonomous data controller, in a protected and secure environment, and will not be acquired and processed in any way by Epipoli S.p.A.

In addition, the data will be communicated to organizations, authorities and third parties, in execution of legal obligations or if this is strictly necessary for the execution of the service purchased.

Provision of the requested data, be it acquired on the basis of a legal obligation or for strictly functional purposes for the implementation of the contractual relationship, is necessary and refusal to supply this means that it is impossible to perform the tasks required for the activation of the Gift Card and for the execution of the service purchased.

In each case, the use of customers' personal data for commercial and promotional purposes, market research, offers of services including via email, is subject to the consent of the person concerned. Lack of consent will not permit Epipoli S.p.A. to carry out the related processing and will not make the person in question eligible for related services and commercial benefits. By clicking the appropriate boxes, customers can freely decide whether or not to give their consent to Epipoli S.p.A. to use the data for activities that are useful for improving the quality of the services offered and to learn more about new services and promotions offered. Pursuant to Art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of June 30, 2003, Customers who own a Gift Card are entitled to request the following from Epipoli S.p.A., which shall be provided immediately: a) confirmation of the existence of personal data regarding the customer, and comprehensible communication of this same data and its origin, as well as the logic on which its processing is based; b) cancellation, anonymous transformation or blocking of data processed illegally; c) updating, correction or, when necessary, addition of data. Customers who own a Gift Card are also entitled to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of their personal data. The manager of the processing of personal data is Epipoli S.p.A., with registered offices at Viale Jenner, 64 - 20159 - Milan, Italy. The Data Processor is the Legal Representative pro tempore, stationed at the offices of Epipoli S.p.A.