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Looking for somewhere full of history, culture and tradition, the ideal place to discover a world that is completely different from the West?
Fly to China and discover the thousands of different aspects of the most fascinating country in Asia.

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A good place to start visiting China is the north of the country with Beijing, home to the Forbidden City, before moving on to the Great Wall of China (one of the seven wonders of the modern world), the ancient imperial capital Xi’an where you can marvel at the Terracotta Army, the splendid city of Luoyang with the Buddhist Temple of the White Horse and the wonderful Longmen Grottoes, the city of Shaolin, and Qingdao on the Shandong peninsula, famous for Tsingtao beer. In the Yangtze region the cities of Shanghai and Nanjing stand out, along with the Gardens of Suzhou and Hangzhou, famous for its silks and the legendary Western Lake. To the south, you will find Guangdong and Canton, the tropical islands of Hainan and Haikou, the cities of Shenzhen and Zhuhai, Mount Lushan, the Wulinyuan nature reserve and the city of Zhaoqing, the metropolis of Hong Kong and the island of Macao, and the island of Taiwan with Taipei. To the southwest, you can visit Kunming with the Stone Forest, the limestone hills of Guilin in Guangxi province and take an unmissable cruise on the River Li. Visit the Tibetan plateau with the Potala Palace, the holy place of the Dalai Lama, and Inner Mongolia with the nearby Gobi Desert.

Don't miss China's most important events: the Chinese New Year, the Festival of Lights, Naadam, paying homage to the tomb of Genghis Khan, Confucius' birthday and the International Festival of Calligraphy.

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