When you think of Los Angeles, the formula that immediately comes to mind is mathematical: Hollywood is to Los Angeles what the Colosseum is to Rome. The most famous city in California, with its mammoth Hollywood sign, attracts millions of visitors from all across the world, with smartphones at the ready to immortalize the stars of cinema and show business. Mecca for artists, musicians and film lovers; heaven on earth for those who love entertainment and for all those who dream of a lively vacation by the sea: welcome to Los Angeles, California.


If you really want to get to know Los Angeles, the first attraction to visit is Hollywood, the district famous for its huge sign (14 meters high) painted white, which dominates the entire area from the hill on which it is erected. Then head to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a stroll among the celebrities of cinema and entertainment in the form of stars, immortalized in the most glittering sidewalk of the United States of America.
Hollywood is art, fame, cinema and music; the American dream made into a district, opportunities that have become tangible, the road open to success. Then turn the corner and head in the direction of Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills: in our imagination, it is the name of a very famous TV series from the nineties, which marked an epoch in the history of international TV series. In Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is the home of VIPs. Literally. Some of the most important names in cinema, music, fashion and more have lived here in Los Angeles' glossiest area. Some names? Taylor Swift, Sharon Stone, Gordon Ramsey, Heidi Klum, Tom Cruise, Diane Keaton, Madonna. Even the legendary Elvis Presley lived in Beverly Hills!
But Beverly Hills is also an essential destination for luxury shopping. There is one name for high fashion and glamor in Los Angeles: Rodeo Drive. With its sophisticated shops, elegant windows, fabulous restaurants and jewelers to die for (and to empty your wallet), Rodeo Drive knows how to charm all lovers of fashion. And how to intrigue all those dying to meet their favorite star! Rodeo Drive is the most popular shopping street and the most frequented by celebrities.


Los Angeles is also a perfect destination for children. Their first experience will be with our flight on the flagship of the Alitalia fleet, the Boeing 777. Once you have landed, head straight to Disneyland: the longed-for destination of all children (and not just children) who have grown up on a diet of Disney films.
An adventure in the legendary theme park, with plenty of selfies with Minnie and Mickey, is a must. To get to Disneyland, head to the city of Anaheim, in Orange County.

Entertainment, however, goes hand in hand with science, so fit in a fun educational stop at the same time at the Griffith Observatory. At the Los Angeles Griffith Observatory, astronomy is child's play, with the planetarium surrounded by a large park to distract the mind a bit, and plenty of carousels and the city zoo, founded in 1966.

And for the slightly older, an obligatory stop is Universal Studios! The theme park of the famous film studio of the same name offers a series of attractions that all need to be tried out. A few examples? Jurassic Park — The Ride, for a close-up encounter with T-Rexes as tall as apartment buildings, and the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, the roller coaster that takes you on a voyage of discovery into the world of the Despicable Me minions.


When is the best time to visit Los Angeles, if not summer? Heat, sun, sea, golden beaches and an atmosphere of pure relaxation and fun: Los Angeles has what it takes to offer you a summer sparkling with pure wellbeing. Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice Beach: the most fashionable beaches in all California offer bathers from across the world crystal-clear waters and the liveliest water fronts.
A bit of advice: when heading to the beach, don't forget to bring the essential accessory for a summer in true Californian style. Your surfboard! Along with Venice Beach, the best place to surf on the open sea is Topanga Beach, with ideal waves that are perfect for complete beginners.

Getting from your surfboard to the table is an easy step. When you are in Los Angeles and after a great swim, you will be hungry. But you can count on more than a handful of choice dishes, served in the many Los Angeles diners. And don't miss the chance to eat a typical American breakfast with bacon, eggs and — oh yes — sausages. However, if you prefer oriental cooking, in Los Angeles you will be spoilt for choice. The Chinatown, Koreatown and Little Tokyo districts know how to set out a banquet of their respective typical national dishes.

In short, one thing is certain: visiting Los Angeles means entering the world of cinema and experiencing the places of the stars and fun locations. Still here? What are you waiting for, fly with us to Los Angeles: pack your cases, grab your camera and then... Action!


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