Miles of white beaches mixed with the blue of the ocean, long avenues full of skaters and young rollerbladers, and a night life that never stops. Welcome to Miami, the city familiar with fun, indulgence and modern culture, a perfect mix between American and Cuban traditions.

Walking along the ocean

Your visit has to start from Miami Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the world for its liveliness, always crowded with people doing sport and bathers relaxing on the long expanse of white sand, diving every so often into the blue ocean.

In the evening, all the action moves to the famous Ocean Drive, the street characterized by Art Deco houses and neon lights lit at all hours, where restaurants, bars and clubs are ready to welcome tourists and locals late into the night. This is the area that most reflects the Miami of your imagination, thanks to the famous movies shot around here, which have built up the "myth" of this scintillating city.

Moving into the Downtown area, on the other hand, you will feel like you have traveled forward a century: its many imposing skyscrapers house the modern financial heart of Miami. Around here are the main museums like the Metro Dade Center, home to the Museum of Fine Arts and the Historical Museum of Southern Florida.
The kids will love this area too, with the unmissable natural shows at the Seaquarium, the water park whose star is the famous dolphin Flipper, and at Jungle Island, a mega zoo where they organize shows with tigers and lions.

Steps to the rhythm of the music

The city is divided into many different districts, each with its own history and its own soul, like Coconut Grove, the oldest area of Miami, where the first local inhabitants settled, with the exotic vegetation growing on the wide avenues and the elegant houses, and that touch of blues and jazz played live in the evenings in bars. Meanwhile, Coral Gables is the most luxurious area, with dream villas, clubs for millionaires and the famous Venetian Pool, one of the largest and most beautiful swimming pools in the world.

Don't miss a tour of Little Havana, the "little Cuba" of North America, where your five senses will carry you to the Caribbean to the rhythm of salsa, the scents of hand-made cigar factories and the bright colors of the houses.

Miami and the surrounding area

Fun is not limited to the city of Miami. Add to your to-do list a visit to the Everglades National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, best visited on board a typical airboat on a trip to discover plants and animals of all types, like snakes, birds and crocodiles, the undisputed stars of the place.

Heading south, specifically to the southernmost point of Florida, you get to the Keys islands: a genuine tropical paradise a short distance from Cuba, where time passes at a much gentler pace than in nearby Miami. Don't miss a trip to Key West, the largest island of the island chain, made famous by the writer Ernest Hemingway who lived here for a number of years. His house is now open to the public to visit the rooms where the genius wrote some of his most famous novels.

Flavors of the world

Miami cuisine can be called a "mirror" of the city itself: At the table you can savor the same mix of cultures that you find wandering the streets. Depending on the district where you stop to eat, you can try different types of menus: in Little Havana, for example, masitas de puerco fritas, fried pork, and sopa de platanos, plantain and chicken soup, are the unmissable dishes from the Caribbean-Cuban tradition. In the Everglades, those with a strong stomach can try gator tail: fried alligator tail.

For those who love American food, all of Miami offers the great USA classics like chicken, pork and meat of all sorts, particularly tasty if barbecued, usually accompanied by French fries, as well as an infinite variety of sandwiches and toasted sandwiches. The ocean also offers its delicious fruit: The fish and shellfish from this area are particularly tasty and are cooked in many different ways.

Don't miss the "official Florida dessert": Key lime pie, a pie made with limes that grow only in the Key West area.

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