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From the desert to the sea, a destination with an endless number of attractions: board an Alitalia flight for Egypt, a country framed by the golden beaches of the Red Sea and the spellbinding beauty of the coral reef, the tropical fish and its characteristic lunar landscape.

Use the booking form to enter the names of the airports you will be traveling through, your travel dates, the number of passengers and cabin class to buy one or more air tickets to Egypt. Choosing Alitalia will ensure you have all the comforts you need to enjoy your journey to Egypt in total relaxation.

The most popular tourist resorts are Sharm el Sheikh, Naama Bay, Marsa Alam, Dahab, Hurghada, Nuweiba, Taba, El Quseir, El Gouna and Port Ghalib.
Don't miss out on the experience of climbing Mount Sinai to watch the sunrise.
You absolutely must visit: Cairo with the three Pyramids of Giza (Cheops, Khafre, Menkaure: one of the seven wonders of the ancient world), the Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum with the treasure of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun; Alexandria, the main Egyptian port and its second largest city, founded by Alexander the Great; the ruins of Memphis, the ancient capital founded 3000 years ago; Luxor, the departure point for cruises on the Nile (which usually follow the route from Luxor to Aswan, or vice versa, along which you can see the Necropolis of Thebes with the Valley of the Kings, the temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the temples of Karnak and Luxor, and the temples of Horus in Edfu and Abu Simbel).

Come and dive into history, enjoy the wonder of the crystal-clear waters of the sea and the unspoilt nature: book your flight now and buy your tickets for Egypt with Alitalia.

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