Libya Flights

The ancient ruins, the tones and shades of the desert sand and the magnificent starry sky make Libya one of the most enchanting and popular destinations to travel to with Alitalia.

For such an important journey, trust in the experience and comfort that Alitalia has to offer. How to book Use the form to select the name of your departure and arrival airports, your travel dates, the number of passengers traveling with you, and in a few easy steps you can buy one or more Alitalia air tickets to fly to Libya, the land of endless horizons and striking stillness.

The main regions are Tripolitania and Cyrenaica; you must visit Fezzan, the rocky desert of Acacus, the Murzuq desert and the Ubari lakes.
Don't miss the opportunity to visit Tripoli, the sophisticated capital with its Castle, where you can enjoy a spectacular view over the old town; the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Sabratha; the opulent Leptis Magna, the most beautiful Roman site in the Mediterranean; the small inhabited town of Qasr Libya; the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Cyrene; Apollonia, known in ancient times as the "city of churches"; Benghazi, the most important city in Cyrenaica, the eastern part of the country; Ghadames, the "jewel of the Sahara," a UNESCO World Heritage Site; the Fezzan region, with some of the world's most spectacular desert landscapes; Tosca, one of the four cities in Cyrenaica that made up the Greek Pentapolis.

Come and explore the magic of this fascinating land, buy your Alitalia air ticket now.

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