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In Iran, the changing peoples who conquered the land have left traces of their culture, combining with the country's natural beauty to create a unique fascination.
The Iranian territory is dominated by the mountain chains of Sabalan and Talesh, from the Zagros Mountains to the impressive Alborz peaks, and is composed of plains and two large deserts, the Dasht-É Kavir and the Dasht-É Lut.
Some of the places you should visit: the capital city Tehran, between the Karadj and Diadirud Rivers, with the National Museum, the Glass & Ceramics Museum, the Reza Abbasis Museum, the National White Palace Museum and the Emam Khomeini Mosque; Mashhad, the country's second largest city, with the Goharshaad Mosque; the historic city of Isfahan, almost entirely painted blue, whose Islamic buildings have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Shiraz, known as the Garden of Iran for its flowers, the cultivation of roses and its grape exports; the desert city of Yazd, known for its carpets, its silk and the lively bazaars still held today, famous for the Temple of Fire the and Towers of Silence; Masuleh, near the Caspian Sea, and another UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Shemshak, known for alpine sports.

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