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Situated in the heart of the Middle East, divided by the Euphrates and bordered by the Tigris (the two rivers which enclosed the ancient territory of Mesopotamia), birthplace of the first alphabet, the wheel and agriculture, Syria is home to an incredible number of striking locations.

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The capital Damascus, bathed by the River Barada, is a good place to start your visit to the country. Other places to visit include: Palmyra, the ancient Roman city in the heart of the Syrian desert, considered the most interesting city in the entire Middle East thanks to the temple of Baal, the famous colonnade and the striking necropolis; Ebla, one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the century, and the city of Ain Dara; Aleppo with its souk, 12 km long, recommended for all shopping lovers; the black city of Bosra, the capital of the Roman province of Arabia, famous for its perfectly preserved Roman theater; the Fortress of the Knights, one of the country's main attractions; Ma'loula with the two orthodox monasteries of St. Sergius and St. Thecla; Hama, a sunny city with the characteristic norias, large 20 meter-high wooden wheels used to bring water from the river to water the gardens; Apamea, with its splendid columns; the ancient royal city of Mari, the city of Ugarit and the Phoenician city of Amrit.

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