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The multi-colored charm of the United Arab Emirates

A land in the heart of the Middle East, where the vision of the future and the most prominent traditions coexist and blend together. The United Arab Emirates offer a panorama where the same frame is made up of a desert boasting an epic "Lawrence of Arabia" atmosphere as well as the sci-fi skylines of its large urban centers, treating visitors to a multifaceted and original experience. In just over 50 years, the country has progressed from an economy based on farming and fishing to primary activities centered on the immense availability of oil and natural gas, as well as on tourism and trade.

Abu Dhabi, sea and desert sand

Abu Dhabi offers scenes of sun, sand and boundless skies from its waterfront. The Corniche Road—nearly 8 km of pristine coast—has also been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag status, the international award for the water quality and eco-sustainability of beaches. One of the most famous landmarks in the world, which attracts millions of visitors each year, can be admired in the city. The Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque is a religious, artistic and architectural symbol, large enough to host up to 40 thousand worshipers at the same time.

Adventure lovers and exotic landscape enthusiasts will find their perfect destination in the dunes of Liwa and in the oases and archaeological sites of Al-Ain, UNESCO world heritage sites, whose earliest settlements date back to 2500 BC. A fitting end to the excursion is a visit to the Jebel Hafeet mountain, from which the entire region can be admired in just one glance and where you can enjoy unforgettable evening sunsets.

The two spirits of Dubai

Dubai is a perfect reflection of the contrasts that are present throughout the country. This city's architecture is so extraordinary that many of its main attractions comprise recently built complexes and buildings, starting with the tallest building ever built by man, the Burj Khalifa. This skyscraper, which was completed in 2010, soars 828 meters high, with 163 floors, and contains a hotel, 900 private apartments, 37 office floors and 3,000 parking spaces. Among the modern marvels that make Dubai sparkle, the largest shopping mall in the world (which includes a record-sized aquarium), the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East, the artificial islands shaped like palm trees (the Palm Islands) and The World (a group of islands in the shape of a world map) stand out.

The traditional face of the city, which visitors can begin to learn about by visiting the Dubai Museum, is instead represented by the prosperous neighborhoods on the banks of the Creek. Wandering the streets of Bastakiah and Deira, you will observe the magic of the souks, the classic Middle East bazaars and the wind towers, the striking cooling systems of ancient homes. Jump on an abra, the local wooden boat used as a taxi to cross the river, and the famous gold and spice souks will be there, waiting to enchant visitors with an expanse of jewelry and perfumes.

The joys of pastimes in the United Arab Emirates

One of the most interesting aspects for tourists traveling to the United Arab Emirates is certainly the savings to be made when shopping, thanks to highly advantageous tax conditions. Jewelry, electronic items and craft products are priced very favorably, enabling the impossible dreams of those desiring luxury items to come true.

Lovers of culinary adventures will have the opportunity to sample all of the typical dishes of the Middle East: from dishes that are already popular in the West, such as couscous, falafel and shawarma (commonly known as a kebab), to special dishes such as kefta (spicy lamb skewers) and ful, a dish of dried broad beans and pulses, such as beans and lentils, seasoned with garlic, onion and lemon.

Every moment of your stay will be magnificent: In addition to the numerous nightclubs, discos and pubs in the large cities, all hotels have sports facilities, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite activities, including golf courses, tennis courts and swimming pools, as well as night clubs and restaurants, offering a complete experience.

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