Compensation for specific legs

The Guarantor Authority for Competition and Market (Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCM), with its deliberation on 3 December 2008 established, among other things, that Alitalia (and Air One) recognize additional compensation to passengers, in respect to that established by Regulation 261/04, in the following cases:

The only routes affected by this measure and for which the additional compensation must be paid are the following:

Cancellations and delays caused by exceptional events, according to that established by Reg.261/04, will not give rise to the right to receive the compensation.

The amount of compensation will be calculated by applying the following criteria:

  1. Single point-to-point ticket (e.g. Brindisi-Rome Fiumicino):25% of the total fare paid by the passenger (taxes included)
  2. Return point-to-point ticket (e.g. Brindisi-Rome Fiumicino-Brindisi): 25% calculated on 50% of the total fare paid by the passenger (taxes included)
  3. Multiple destination ticket (e.g. Brindisi-Rome Fiumicino-Venice, or Brindisi-Rome Fiumicino-Frankfurt-Rome Fiumicino-Brindisi):20% calculated on the full Y/Class One Way fare for each segment affected by the measure

The compensation will be paid through the issue of an electronic format voucher (TCV) valid for one year, which can be used for the purchase of Alitalia tickets. The compensation can be requested, in the indicated cases, by filling out the appropriate electronic form for the compensation request found in the Contacts section.