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Travelers' etiquette

Chapter 3: Business off board, traveling to Brazil? This is what you need to know...

Some people travel to Brazil for a great holiday, others are going to Rio for the 2014 World Cup, while others land in the home of samba...for work! If you are flying to Brazil on business, you will be won over from the moment you arrive at the airport: expect a warm, informal and friendly welcome. And remember what constitutes good manners for the perfect business traveler: never seem impatient, never get upset when a meeting is canceled at the last minute and never arrange two business appointments too close together.

In our magazine you will find many other pieces of advice and little lessons in etiquette for travelers!

Explore the Cannes Festival

Cannes Festival

One of the most eagerly awaited and famous cinema-related events in the world: the Cannes Festival. For more than 60 years the film industry has come here with Italian, international and art-house films to satisfy even the most refined palates. Get ready: you have a date with cinema from May 14 to 25 on the Croisette.

Our magazine focuses on intriguing facts and titbits from the Croisette!

On your bike!

Tales of bicycle journeys, with the _divanoletto instagram account

He is 23 years old and is called _divanoletto on Instagram, but in reality a divan doesn't come into it: his everyday companion is a bicycle. Pedaling away, the bike blogger Nicolò has reached Naples: picking up supplies of sfogliatelle, making a flying visit to Piazza del Plebiscito, taking a look at the sea front and then back in the saddle for another adventure. Always on a bike. Just like the Giro d’Italia!

Discover all the stages of _divanoletto's Neapolitan bike tour in our magazine!

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