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MilleMiglia Kids

Many miles for young travelers

The MilleMiglia Program awards you miles when your children travel around the world. 

Is your child between the ages of 2 and 14 years old (before their 14th birthday)? From now on, you can earn miles on your MilleMiglia account on flights taken by your children when they travel on Alitalia. 

Register your child

  • If you aren’t already a MilleMiglia member, join the Program before registering this initiative.
  • If you are a member, review terms and conditions of this special promotion and then begin the registration process simply clicking the button below. 

Once you have successfully registered your child, you will receive an identification code associated with him/her which is linked to your MilleMiglia account. 
You are now eligible to earn miles on his/her flights when traveling on Alitalia. To ensure your child’s miles are properly accredited to your account, remember to advise the check-in agent upon departure when your child is traveling on Alitalia operated flights. The MilleMiglia account can only earn a maximum of 100% of miles flown by the child even if the fare has a higher mileage value. 
Miles accumulated are based on the class of service and fare level your child is ticketed on.


Participate in the promotion

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