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Traveling to Trieste (TRS)

The border town of Trieste eschews the red-tiled roofs and tangled alleys of its Italian cousins to embrace the imposingly grand classical architecture of its European neighbors. After your flight to Trieste, head to one of the city’s Vienna-inspired grand cafés, where you can observe white-sailed ships drifting through the Grand Canal. Return to the city anytime with Alitalia’s Italy Carnet program, offering great deals on repeat trips to Italian destinations.

A mottled tapestry of cultures

The Piazza Unità d’Italia is Trieste’s crown jewel, bordered on three sides by regal municipal buildings that harken back to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. When you travel to Trieste for the first time, take a walk through Borgo Teresiano, a neighborhood along the canal that is home to coffee shops, bookstores, old churches and elegant residences that are at once reminiscent of both Venice and Prague. Later on, visit the Museo Storico del Castello di Miramare, a seaside Victorian castle that glimmers in the evening moonlight.

A change of pace

From the city, you can board a ferry for a scenic trip to the picturesque fishing village of Muggia, which celebrates a local version of the Venetian Carnival each February. Booking your tickets to Trieste for late spring is another great option, as the weather will be perfect for relaxed strolls through the city.

Weather in Trieste

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