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Top Deals on Flights to Israel

Best fares for round-trip flights found by others

Rome (ROM) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 16/12/2019
Return 26/12/2020

Rome (FCO) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 27/11/2019
Return 02/12/2019

Milan (MIL) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 24/12/2019
Return 27/12/2019

Pisa (PSA) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 18/11/2019
Return 22/11/2019

Bologna (BLQ) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 19/01/2020
Return 24/01/2020

Venice (VCE) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 29/11/2019
Return 06/12/2019

Florence (FLR) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 05/11/2019
Return 23/11/2019

Bari (BRI) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 12/11/2019
Return 19/11/2019

Catania (CTA) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 19/01/2020
Return 26/01/2020

Cagliari (CAG) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 07/11/2019
Return 12/11/2019

Verona (VRN) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 06/11/2019
Return 13/11/2019

Turin (TRN) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 20/11/2019
Return 28/11/2019

Genoa (GOA) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 22/12/2019
Return 29/12/2020

Milan (MXP) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 22/12/2019
Return 30/12/2019

Naples (NAP) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 21/12/2019
Return 09/01/2020

Trieste (TRS) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 19/11/2019
Return 12/12/2019

Milan (LIN) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 06/11/2019
Return 09/11/2019

Milan (BGY) - Tel Aviv (TLV)

Departure 19/12/2019
Return 28/12/2020

Traveling to Israel

Home to one of the oldest settlements on Earth, Israel’s past has been influenced by a number of empires all trying to claim it for their own. A region brimming with a diversity of religion, history, and culture, countless tourists fly to Israel each year to discover the wonders of this inspirational country. Book your tickets to Israel with Alitalia and begin your journey to the source of some of the world’s oldest religions and traditions.

Discover Israel

Dozens of ancient sites across the country tell the story of Israel, its religions, and its many conquerors. Travel to Israel’s numerous holy sites, including the Dome of the Rock, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Wailing Wall on the Temple Mount. For those seeking a more adventurous vacation, Israel offers a number of outdoor activities, including hiking, rock climbing, and water sports, or you can relax on the beaches and float effortlessly in the salty waters of the Dead Sea.

Planning your Israel vacation

You’ll find cheap hotels in Israel between September and November, when many say the weather is nicest. Summers in Israel are usually very hot with high humidity, but the remainder of the year generally enjoys mild weather and temperatures.