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Germany is a captivating destination, different from the usual tourist destinations. A place where you can find fairytale castles and cutting-edge skyscrapers, medieval towns and metropolises, historial monuments and futuristic bars. In addition to the incredible capital Berlin, with an Alitalia flight from the United States to Germany you can also visit cities like Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Rostock and Düsseldorf. Let's take a look at the main things to see during a trip to Germany.


The capital of Germany is today one of the most important cultural, artistic and scientific centers in Europe. There is an infinite number of things to do in the city: from a stroll to Alexander Platz to a drink along the River Spree, from the Brandenburg Gate to the most alternative clubs, from cutting-edge festivals with the best of contemporary art to museums like the Pergamon, which hosts the treasures of ancient civilizations, and from a visit to the distressing Holocaust Memorial to the remains of the Berlin Wall and Check Point Charlie.
Almost completely rebuilt after World War Two, its symbol is the splendid black cathedral, which miraculously escaped the Allied bombing. Climb up the 500 steps that take you to the top of the south tower to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view. Close to the cathedral you will also find some historic pubs that serve the traditional Kölsch beer, which is cheaper than water in the city.
The fifth largest city in Germany in terms of population, Frankfurt is the financial center of the country thanks in part to the presence of the ECB's central headquarters. It has numerous skyscrapers, which it is why it has been nicknamed 'Main-hattan', while it also has some major historical buildings such as those found at Romerburg Square. Its Christmas market is one of the most famous in Europe.
The most important city in Southern Germany, Munich contains Baroque churches, huge parks, royal residences and above all the Oktoberfest, an unmissable fall event where you can taste some superb beers and munch on pretzels. For true beer lovers, the city also has the Hofbräuhaus, an ancient brewpub built by Bavarian Duke Maximillian I to supply his army, the perfect place to get a taste of Bavarian life with its enormous tankards, wooden tables, folk music and waiters in traditional dress.
Cosmopolitan, modern, stylish and packed full of pubs, Düsseldorf has the perfect mix of tradition and innovation. There are so many restaurants, taverns, pubs and cafes along the River Rhein that the city has been called "the longest terrace in the world". In the Königsallee, the lengthy shopping street, you will find some of the most famous high fashion boutiques in Germany.
Located in the extreme north of Germany and the country's principal port, Rostock has a glorious maritime past. Evidence of its former splendor comes in the shape of its Gothic fortifications, bourgeois villas and majestic churches. At Warnemünde, by the coast, you can still admire the historical sailing boats, while in the second week of August you can enjoy the Hanse Sail, the most important maritime festival in the Baltic.
Nestled among green hills and vineyards, Stuttgart is the city of cars, a German Detroit where futuristic skyscrapers sit alongside historical masterpieces like the Old Castle, New Castle and the Liberty-style Market Hall. Whether you're a car enthusiast or otherwise, the Mercedes Benz Museum and the Porsche Museum are not to be missed. In late September there is Cannstatter Volkfest, the city's famous beer festival.


The best time to book a flight from the United States to Germany is unquestionably from May to September, when the climate is milder and visiting squares and monuments is more enjoyable. For beer lovers, on the other hand, the best festivals are in the fall, beginning with the Cannstatter Volkfest in Stuttgart at the end of September and continuing with the Oktoberfest in Munich. In winter, the main attraction is the delightful Christmas markets, especially the Frankfurt market.

So what are you waiting for? Choose a city in Germany and book your Alitalia flight from the United States now!