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Traveling to Russia

Russia is home to rich treasures and history, striking architecture, and extravagant culture. Book tickets to Russia with Alitalia and discover the wonders of modern, contemporary, lively cities as well as rural havens still clinging to the country’s simple lifestyle and beginning.

The soul of Russia

Enjoy Russia’s scenery any time of year with a journey on the Trans-Siberian, which will take you across the steppes where you’ll see Siberian tigers and snowy Amur leopards at the Sikhote-Alin nature reserve. Spend a day in Saint Petersburg, former capital of the tsars, to view the ornate domed cathedrals and other intricate architectural wonders such as Palace Square. Saint Petersburg is also known as the bar capital of Russia, so join the locals and experience firsthand why the country is so famous for its vodka.

When to visit Russia

Travel to Russia during the winter offers intimate snowy nights. Stay warm during the day by visiting the country’s many art and history museums such as the Russian Museum, or catching a performance of the Russian Ballet. Don’t miss the White Nights, a three-month celebration of summer, when you can enjoy a creamy morozhenoe from an ice-cream cart and go swimming in Lake Ladoga or at Komarovo Beach.