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With its 1,850 kilometers of resplendent coastline ranging from breathtaking bays and warm golden sands to dramatic white cliffs and verdant seaside hills, Sardinia is one of Italy’s most popular summer getaways. The inland is also impressive with fragrant cork and maquis forests and pristine lagoons that are home to hundreds of vibrant pink flamingos. Start an unforgettable experience aboard your Alitalia flight to Sardinia with our award-winning gourmet meals.

Gifts of the sea

Book your tickets to Sardinia for July or August to enjoy the sunlit turquoise waters of Sardinia’s Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean coast. The island’s southernmost beaches near the capital of Cagliari are particularly lovely. The diving opportunities in the southeastern portion of the island are another reason to travel to Sardinia, with a wide variety of ancient shipwrecks, colorful coral and mysterious caves waiting to be discovered.

Worldly local cuisine

Undeniably Italian, Sardinia has enjoyed subtle influences from African Tunisia and French Corsica to create a unique and mouthwatering culinary tradition all of its own. Producing 80 percent of the pecorino enjoyed by mainland Italy, the quality of its cheese is simply unmatched. In Alghero you can enjoy some of Sardinia’s best seafood, including the local special: aragosta alla catalana - lobster with tomato and onion.

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