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Traveling to Serbia

Serbia is considered to be the crossroads of Europe, where various cultures, traditions, and landscapes meet. Many fly to Serbia for Belgrade’s nightlife, but the country offers so much more than that. Book your tickets to Serbia with Alitalia and explore the world in comfort and luxury.

Hidden gems in Serbia

Serbia’s cities offer insight into the area’s rich culture and history, with medieval monasteries, churches and local music festivals to enjoy. Travel to Serbia’s rural countryside for picturesque sights such as the orchards of Šumadija or the Pannonian Plain. Try your hand at enthralling outdoor sports such as hiking, fishing, and whitewater rafting in Tara Canyon. For a more relaxing vacation, spend a day soaking in one of Serbia’s mineral water springs or tour the Palic wine route.

Planning your vacation to Serbia

If you fly to Serbia during the winter you’ll hear locals refer to the Kosava, a chilling wind that passes through Belgrade. Temperatures can get as low as -30˚C in the winter, and even the summers in Serbia are cooler than those in most areas. Buses are the best way to get around Serbia, but some areas are great for cycling, such as the Danube Bike Trail. You’ll have no problems finding cheap hotels in Serbia no matter what time of year you visit.