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Traveling to Trieste (TRS)


A city of Central Europe, forever an intersection of different peoples, kissed by the sea and framed by the Carso Mountains, Trieste's most distinctive trait is the mix of cultures to which it has belonged: Austro-Hungarian, Slavic and Italian. With a refined beauty that has bewitched intellectuals of the calibre of James Joyce, Trieste is today home to cultures from all over the world thanks to the presence of SISSA, the International School for Advanced Studies.

Take a flight to Trieste and admire a sunset across the sea from the magnificent Piazza Unità, enjoy a coffee while seated in an historic bar, take a stroll along the picturesque Grand Canal and visit the elegant rooms of Miramare Castle. You can also choose between taking a dip in the sea or visiting the Karst Plateau to locate some 'Osmize', family taverns where farming families prepare traditional food and homemade wine. Below you will find a list of unmissable things to do on a trip to Trieste.


This splendid square is flanked by the sea and framed by historical buildings, including the Palace of the Lieutenancy, the ancient seat of the Hapsburg prefecture, the Palazzo Stratti, with the famous Caffè degli Specchi at its feet, the Palazzo Modello municipality building, the Palazzo Pitteri, the Palazzo Vanoli and the Palazzo della Regione. At the centre of the square stands the Fountain of the Four Continents, whose name refers to the four continents known at the time of its construction in 1754: Europe, Asia, Africa and America. In front of the Piazza Unità you will find the Audace Pier, which takes its name from the boat moored here at the end of the First World War when the city's annexation to Italy was announced.

Characterised by Gothic, Renaissance and Medieval elements, this palace has an intriguing history. It was built by Maximilian I of Mexico of the Habsburg family as a home to live in with his wife, Charlotte of Belgium. However, it was never used after Maximilian died in Mexico and Charlotte preferred to live in the nearby Castelletto, before later returning to her country of birth. The apartments that were intended to serve as a home for the couple are located on the ground floor, while the first floor contains the guest rooms. The castle's immense park is a popular location among Trieste residents for some outdoor sports or a simple stroll.

A 14th century cathedral that was created by combining the Church of Santa Maria and the Church of San Giusto, it is the most important Catholic building in Trieste and is situated on a raised promontory that overlooks the city. The facade is characterised by a large Gothic rose window, while the interior contains five naves with frescoes from artists of the Venetian School. The relics conserved at the Museum of the Risorgimento and Sacrario of Oberdan include the halberd of Saint Sergius, which was brought to the city by the first crusaders. Also on the Hill of San Giusto, you will find San Giusto Castle, commissioned in 1382 by the Emperor of Austria to protect the city and serve as the residence of the Imperial Commander.

One of the most evocative experiences you can have on a trip to Trieste is undoubtedly a journey on this special tram. For 110 years, it has travelled from Trieste to the station at Opicina, climbing to 348 meters above sea level to offer some spectacular panoramic views. If you happen to get off before the final stop, you could also refresh yourself in one of the numerous Osmize dotted along the route. The Osmize are family trattorias (taverns) that serve homemade wine accompanied by local dishes. Another unmissable experience!


There is never a bad time to book a flight to Trieste. The best months in terms of the climate are from April to November, though the winter also has its own unique charm. You can experience the bora wind, in fact, which blows at speeds of more than 90 km/h, sweeping away the clouds to ensure a crystal clear sky in the following days. And if the cold gets a bit too much, you can always hide away in one of the classic taverns to refresh yourself with typical local dishes, such as a crusty panino with cooked ham, accompanied by a fine glass of Merlot.

What are you waiting for? Come and discover this magnificent city! Book your Alitalia flight to Trieste today!

Weather in Trieste

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