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Traveling to Venezuela

Flying to Venezuela in comfort couldn't be easier than with Alitalia's extra-comfort options. Here you'll discover one of the world's most welcoming countries and one with a hugely diverse geography. From the soaring foothills of the Andes, Amazonian jungle and onto its impeccable Caribbean beaches, Venezuela is an enchanting land. Try the Angel Falls (the highest in the world) for natural grandeur and jungle experience, or the beaches at Los Roques for water sports and stunning scenery.

Discovering Venezuela

Fly to Venezuela and its charming capital Caracas to explore some great colonial-period architecture. Try the El Ávila National Park for great natural beauty and sweeping views over town. A visit to the Casa Natal & Museo Bolivar (the birthplace of Simon Bolivar, the great South American liberator) is also a must. The Botanical Gardens of Caracas contain rare and beautifully very colorful local trees, plants and flowers – a beautiful and relaxing visit.

Travel Tips

When travelling to Venezuela, remember that the dry season is from December to April and the wet from May to November. If you're planning trips into the mountains, remember that you'll needn’t forget to pack a jacket as temperatures are low at altitude all year round.