We fly with the aim of reducing our environmental impact and promoting a culture of sustainable development.


Safe, efficient and environmentally friendly civil air transport.


Fuel is expensive, and its emissions have an even higher cost.

Through targeted actions we have managed to reduce CO2 emissions by over 95,000 tons a year and save 30,000 tons of fuel. How? Thanks to the implementation of an integrated efficiency policy that connects all of the airline's relevant processes: Route Planning, Purchasing, Maintenance, Ground Operations, On-board Services and Equipment and Operations Control and Conduct, always in compliance with the safety standards required by aviation regulations.* 


Thanks to continual internal communication and effective involvement, each of us can play our role in achieving these goals in every part of the company.


Alitalia has successfully completed the annual CO2 emissions audit for the year 2020. The goal was communicated to the competent authority, the Committee for Managing the Kyoto Protocol, which reports directly to the Ministry of the Environment and also counts the Italian Ministry of Transport, ENAC and GSE among its members.

The audit involves the airline in two mandatory international regulatory schemes: EU-ETS, for national and intra-European flights, and CORSIA, for international and intercontinental flights. Both schemes, fully supported by IATA, are based on an emissions limit with which the airline measures itself every year. Our data are only approved after the checks of the emissions monitoring process have been carried out by a third party auditor.

Since 2013, Alitalia has also participated with ENAC in the ICAO (International Organization of Civil Aviation) tables, which contributed to the creation of CORSIA (Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation), made possible thanks to a huge effort of synthesis and mediation among more countries than 70 countries around the world.


We have made our planes lighter by leaving paper on the ground.


We have implemented the Zero Paper project in order to eliminate virtually all paper on board our aircraft. Our pilots and flight attendants are more technologically savvy than ever and are equipped with tablets to carry out their work and serve your needs.  The result? A saving on paper equivalent to 600 tons of fuel and 2,000 fewer tons of CO2 per year.


Our commitment to reducing noise emissions.


Sustainability and silence go hand in hand. With 75% of our aircraft meeting the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization, we are among the least noisy carriers in the world. Each of our aircraft is equipped with an acoustic certificate issued jointly by the manufacturers and the aeronautical authorities, following tests carried out for the issue of the airworthiness certificate and in compliance with the relevant international standards issued by ICAO.


A culture of sustainable development reduces our environmental impact.

Spreading awareness on environmental issues is one of our key goals. Which is why we have included the topic of sustainability in the training of our flight attendants and ask them directly for ideas and suggestions about how to reduce waste and littering on board.

The ideas inspired our new 'eco' procedure. In just eight months we have generated a saving of more than 21 million pieces of single-use plastic/paper and glass bottles on board.