Exclusive Clubs

Extra miles, care and exclusive services are just a few of the advantages that will make you feel like a truly special guest.




Earn 50% extra miles on flights operated by Alitalia, SkyTeam Partners or other Partners airlines, thanks to our Exclusive Bonus.


Free seat selection, seat change always free of charge, easy check-in procedures, access to Casa Alitalia lounges, access to priority security gates, priority boarding, extra luggage and free sports equipment transport.



The new promotion on-board upgrade with miles is valid from February 1 until 30 June, 2021.



Priority on waiting lists during booking, guaranteed booking for tickets in Economy with full fare, priority itinerary with SkyPriority, post flight assistance service and dedicated Customer Service.


MilleMiglia Member Service - Freccia Alata Club
If you are in Italy, you can call 06 65644 (available 24h) or write to clubfrecciaalata@alitalia.com
In other countries, you can contact the dedicated MILLEMIGLIA MEMBER SERVICE.


Up to four upgrades from Economy to Economy Premium or Business Class Medium Haul, free of charge.

Business ForYou regulations

  • Business ForYou is reserved for Freccia Alata Club Members.
  • Members can take advantage of this benefit for the entire duration of their Freccia Alata Club membership.
  • Within the benefit's validity period, each Member may request to upgrade to a superior travel class on either two round-trip flights or on four individual legs.
  • To take advantage of this offer, the member must be in possession of an Alitalia ticket (ticket number beginning with the code 055) for booking classes Y, B, M, H (for Economy) for medium and long haul international flights operated by Alitalia and booked as an Alitalia flight. Excluded from the promotion are flights operated by partner airlines, flights operated by Alitalia but booked as a partner flight, as well as flights purchased using partner tickets (the ticket number in this case starts with a different code from 055).
  • The benefit can be enjoyed by the Member or by a person nominated by the Member (provided that he/she holds an Economy class ticket issued in one of the aforementioned classes). Whatever the case, the benefit must be requested by the Freccia Alata cardholder via the appropriate Customer Service center in Italy, or via the Alitalia offices for customers residing abroad.
  • The request can be made up to three days prior to the flight, and must be requested prior to the benefit's expiration.
  • The onboard seats reserved for this promotion are limited and additions to the waiting list are not permitted.
  • The itinerary and/or date and/or beneficiary of the ticket cannot be changed once the upgrade to the superior travel class has been confirmed
  • The miles earned on the flights taken in Business Class as part of this promotion are those that are awarded by the Economy class actually purchased.
  • It is not possible to upgrade from Economy to Business Class Long Haul, or from Economy Premium to Business Class Long Haul.

Freccia Alata Club

To join the Freccia Alata Club, earn 50,000 qualifying milesor take 60 qualifying flightsin one calendar year. In addition, you will gain Elite Memberstatus if you fly with SkyTeam Partner airlines.

NEW – Rollover: the initiative allowing you to sum together some of the qualifying miles earned in 2019 to your 2020 account.

The qualifying miles you earned in 2019 and which exceed the threshold of miles required on 30 April to access your Exclusive Club won’t be lost: they’ll virtually help you reach the entry threshold to the Exclusive Clubs in 2020.

The initiative is not valid in case of facilitated access to the Exclusive Clubs obtained with different criteria than the standard of the Program.

For example:

  • Your Club on 30 April 2020: Ulisse Club
  • Qualifying Miles earned in 2019: 30,000
  • Standard entry threshold to Ulisse Club: 20,000 miles
  • Miles counted as 2020 Rollover: 30,000-20,000 = 10,000 miles

MilleMiglia Maternity: the initiative  allowing you to get a one-year extension of membership to Ulisse Club and dedicated to all female MilleMiglia Members for whom a new birth, an adoption or fostering of a child.


Exclusive Bonus3: Earn 50% extra miles on flights operated by Alitalia or SkyTeam Partner airlines.


On flights operated by Alitalia:

  • Free booking of Extra Comfort seats, during Web Check-in on all medium and long haul international flights
  • Easier check-in process: Tele Check-in, priority on waiting lists and check-in at Business desks even with an Economy ticket
  • Access to the Alitalia and SkyTeam Lounges, in Italy and worldwide

We wish to inform you that from 1 March 2017 the RomeMilan Fast Track service at the airports of Rome Fiumicino and Milan Linate will no longer be available.


Members of Freccia Alata Club and Freccia Alata Plus, SkyTeam Elite Plus passengers, Corporate Premium clients and guests with a Business Class ticket or traveling in Comfort class will be able to use the SkyPriority lane.


  • Access to priority security lanes, where available. For reasons beyond Alitalia’s control, access to the Fast Track gate at Venice airport is temporarily unavailable.
  • Priority boarding
  • seats: seat selection and change of seat always free of charge, by communicating the MilleMiglia code when booking Alitalia flights or during online check-in.
  • One free extra bag: if you are traveling in Economy or Economy Premium, maximum weight of 23kg; if you are traveling in Business Class Medium/Long Haul, maximum weight of 32kg. Moreover, in case of purchase of a Light Fare, the baggae is free (1 baggage 23kg) in addition of any sports equipment
  • Free transportation of sports equipment: free transportation and priority baggage claim for sports equipment (up to 23kg in Economy and Economy Premium and 32kg in Business class) or a surf board up to 250cm long and with a maximum weight of 23kg

The new promotion on-board upgrade with miles is valid from February 1 until 30 June, 2021.

On flights operated by SkyTeam Partners, you can check in one free extra bag, according to the regulations on the SkyTeam website or on the site of the Partner airline operating the flight.


  • Priority on the waiting list while booking flights operated by Alitalia
  • Guaranteed booking up to 24hours prior to departure, for full fare tickets (Y) in Economy on long haul international Alitalia flights
  • Welcome Service: discounts when purchasing the service, to make you feel special on business and leisure trips
  • SkyPriority priority itinerary : the best airport services offered by the airlines of the SkyTeam Alliance
  • Dedicated post-flight assistance service: send your requests through the exclusive channels of the Freccia Alata Club


MilleMiglia Member Service - Freccia Alata Club
If-you are in Italy, you can call 06 65644 (available 24h) or write to clubfrecciaalata@alitalia.it.
In other countries, you can contact the dedicated MILLEMIGLIA MEMBER SERVICE.
For award tickets, the service is available from 9:00am to 8:00pm on weekdays and from 9:00am to 5:00pm on weekends.


With Business ForYou, you can request up to four free upgrades to Economy Premium or Business Class Medium Haul for yourself or for the person of your choice.

Business ForYou is valid for Alitalia tickets in Economy (booking classes Y, B, M and H) on medium and long haul international flights operated by Alitalia.

How to request an upgrade

Call the dedicated Member Service to check if there are seats available for the selected upgrade class. Travel class upgrades cannot be requested directly at the airport.


1. Qualifying flights are all flights in fare classes that award qualifying miles, i.e. those miles that let you join or renew your membership to the Exclusive Clubs. These can be earned, where specifically indicated, by flying with Alitalia, SkyTeam Partners or other Partners between January 1 and December 31.

2. The benefits may be subject to limitations by individual Partner Airlines.

3. The Exclusive Bonus is awarded for all flights taken in the booking classes that qualify for miles (with the exception of special offers) and is calculated on the miles awarded for each flight in Economy class (the maximum number of miles to which the Exclusive Bonus applies corresponds to the amount awarded for booking classes K, V and T of the miles earning table). The miles earned with the Exclusive Bonus are not qualifying miles for access to the Alitalia Exclusive Clubs. Crediting of the Exclusive Bonus is subject to acknowledgment of the Freccia Alata Club Member status in Alitalia's systems.