SPECIAL OFFER! From May 5, 2020 you have a new Bennet Club* award that allows you to earn double miles:


6,000 Bennet Club points = 12,000 miles

Also, make the most of the Bennetdrive service ensuring social distancing:


  • on-line orders
  • drive-in pick up at your nearest Bennet store
  • park your car in the specified spaces
  • make your payment (in cash or using the mobile POS)
  • your shopping will be loaded directly into the boot of your car


* On 1 January 2020 the special offer started again, with the chance to convert new Bennet Club points from 2 May 2020. The offer expires on 31 December 2020.




For all purchases in Bennet hypermarkets, MilleMiglia Members can earn Bennet points, which can be converted as follows:

1 Bennet Club point = 1 mile


The Bennet Club special offer started up again on 2 January 2021 and will end on 31 December 2022



Conversion at Bennet stores: ask for your Bennet Club points to be converted into miles when you pay at the cash desk; then go to the Customer Service Desk with your till receipt and MilleMiglia card to have the miles added to your account in real time.


If the miles are not added to your account, you need to write to servizio.clienti@bennet.com or call 800236638.


  • Bennet is an Italian market leader in large-scale retailing which is constantly growing and enjoying continual renewal
  • Expertise, experience and professionalism allow Bennet to be one step ahead at all times, understanding customer needs in advance with the new Bennetdrive service
  • Bennet has 73 hypermarkets throughout the North of Italy