Baggage assistance

All the contacts and everything you need to know should your baggage be delayed, tampered with or lost. For assistance with your baggage issues: from Italy, call (+39) 06 65640*; from other Countries, contact the Customer Relations Office nearest you. *Available in Italy at the price of the regular rate, which varies on the basis of one’s plan for calls to landlines.


If you should not get your luggage upon arrival, please go to the airport Lost & Found office of your destination city and fill in a Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R.). You will be given a copy of the report. Find out what you need to do to send a claim.


If your luggage is not found nor returned to you 45 days after your P.I.R., you can consider it permanently lost. 


If your baggage is delivered late, you can notify us within 21 days of your belongings being returned, attaching a copy of the following documentation:


  • A signed detailed letter 
  • The Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R.) issued by the Baggage Assistance Office
  • Receipt of your flight ticket and/or boarding card.


If you live in Italy fill out and send the online form.
If you live abroad, fill in the downloadable form and send it to the Customer Relations Office of the country where you live. 
Our office will be in touch with you via the contact information you provide.


The office at your destination city will contact you as soon as the baggage has been found. You can also keep up to date on the search efforts through our baggage search service.

If, after two days of you creating the P.I.R., your baggage has not yet been returned to you, send a detailed list of the contents along with the P.I.R. number and the baggage ID tag:

  • via email to 
  • via fax to 06 65433114