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Enjoy the special promotions of MilleMiglia Program and its partners and earn more miles.

Expired Promotions

In this section you can find details of the promotion and regulation of the MilleMiglia Program just expired.

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Car rentals in Sicily and Sardinia with Avis


Get where you’re going with Avis at the best car hire rates: the additional driver is free of charge and you get up to 20% discount. What's more, if you are a MilleMiglia Club Member, you earn 3,000 bonus miles for every rental of at least 2 days. Book and rent your car in Sicily and/or Sardinia from 1 September to 31 October 2020.


Book your rentals online straightaway, selecting your MilleMiglia Club, or by calling the AVIS Call Center on 199 100133* from Italy (or+39 06 45 21 08 391 from abroad) and providing the AVIS discount code as shown in the table: 


Your MilleMiglia Club 

AVIS discount code 





Freccia Alata 


Freccia Alata Plus 



And remember that during the promotion period you can change or cancel your reservations for free.



* Calls charged at a local rate from a landline; costs may vary depending on your operator, if calling from a mobile number



  • The bonus miles will be awarded on all rentals lasting a minimum of 2 days booked and completed in the period from 1 September 2020 to 31 October 2020, in Sicily and/or Sardinia with Avis.
  • To get the Bonus Miles credited on their account, Members need to provide the AVIS discount code of the MilleMiglia Club they belong. 
  • When picking up their car, Members must show your MilleMiglia Card or communicate your MilleMiglia code.
  • The bonus miles, obtained during the promotion period, will be credited together with the standard miles differentiated according to the MilleMiglia Club they belong to.
  • The miles will be added to Members’ account within 4 months from the end of the rental period. 
  • Members shall be entitled to have any missing miles added to their account by making a request after 4 months from the rental conclusion date.
  • Standard miles and bonus miles will not be earned on replacement hires, on incoming rentals booked through tour operators and on monthly rentals.


Book your winter holidays or your weekends with Booking,com and enjoy your stays with 15% discount*.


In addition, by booking exclusively from the dedicated link you earn double miles:


8 miles (instead of 4) for every euro spent


The double miles offer is valid for all bookings made between 28 September and 7 October 2020. offers you maximum assistance and flexibility when changing your travel plans. Always check the cancellation policies of your reservation.

Get bonus miles and discounts every time you rent a car with Avis in Italy and abroad


Choose Avis for your car rentals in Italy and in the rest of the world. Make your reservation from February 5th to 29th 2020 and rent your car from February 5th to May 31st 2020. For car rentals of two days at least, you can get:

  • 6,000 bonus miles, in addition to the standard miles for rentals around the world
  • 20% discount on the rental rate for rentals in Italy and Europe
  • Free second guide option included in the rate
  • Priority Lane, dedicated to MilleMiglia Members, in the main Italian airports *


Moreover, for Freccia Alata and Freccia Alata Plus Members, the free upgrade is included in the rate!



Discover all the benefits dedicated to the MilleMiglia Program Members



  • When picking up their car, Members must communicate their MilleMiglia card number
  • The offer cannot be combined with other current promotions and replaces the discount normally recognized depending on the club the Members belong to.
  • The miles bonus earned during the promotion period, will be credited along with the standard miles, according to the Club the members belong to.
  • The miles will be added to Members’ account within 4 months from the end of the rental period.
  • Standard miles and bonus miles will not be earned on replacement hires, on incoming rentals booked through tour operators and on monthly rentals.


* Priority Lane available in the following Italian airports: Fiumicino, Linate, Malpensa, Catania and Palermo.



Take part in the special “Loyalty Bonus” promotion dedicated to all MilleMiglia Program Members!


If you purchase and fly 2 legs operated by Alitalia between 1 January and 31 March 2018, you will receive a bonus miles equal to a percentage of your unused miles balance from the 2013-2017 edition of the Program, as at 1 April 2018.


The bonus miles will differ according to the type of Exclusive Club membership you have reached on 31 March 2018, making you eligible to obtain:



of miles*

for Freccia Alata or Freccia Alata Plus Members 



of miles*

for Ulisse members


of miles*

for MilleMiglia members



*Total number of miles earned during the 2013-2017 edition that have not been used by 31 March 2018.



The relevant bonus miles will be added by 15 April 2018.


Your account may already be rich: that depends on you alone! What are you waiting for?



  1. All Members registered in the MilleMiglia Program, who are resident in North America, South America, Central Africa1 and South Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Arab Emirates with a positive miles balance from the 2013-2017 edition can take part in the initiative. Residence means the address registered on Alitalia's systems on 17 December 2017.
  2. All Members who purchase and fly at least 2 flights (legs) with AZ flight code operated by Alitalia aircraft between 1 January and 31 March 2018 will receive a percentage of their 2013-2017 miles balance as at 1 April 2018, according to their type of Exclusive Club membership, as specified below:
    100% for Members of Freccia Alata, Freccia Alata Plus and (Freccia Alata Plus Per Sempre are included);
    75% for Ulisse Members;
    50% for MilleMiglia Members.
  3. “Miles balance” means the amount of miles earned during the 2013-2017 Edition, that has not been used by 31 March 2018.
  4. The customer's relevant Exclusive Club valid to take part in this initiative is the one registered on Alitalia’s system as at 31 March 2018.
  5. All flights with AZ flight code, operated by Alitalia aircraft that are flown by 31 March 2018 and registered on Alitalia's systems by 30 June 2018 will entitle Members to earn the bonus. It is the Member's responsibility to check that the miles have been added to their account and, if necessary, to apply for the missing miles using the Request Your Miles service in the “Missing Miles” section on the website
  6. The following do not entitle Members to the bonus: 1) flights with Alitalia code between AZ7000 and AZ7999, between AZ6031 and AZ6034, between AZ5000 and AZ5999, between AZ2400 and AZ3999 and between AZ4101 and AZ4999; 2) award flights; 3) charter flights; 4) flights performed by children enrolled in the MilleMiglia Kids Program; 5) flights taken free of charge or with fare discounts of more than 40% of the normal public fares (excluding taxes and surcharges) and/or that have ID and AD fares. 
  7. The bonus miles earned will be added at the end of the promotion by 15 April 2018. There are two other deadline dates for adding the bonus miles, by 31 May and 15 July 2018, so as to deal effectively with any request for missing miles.
  8. Bonus miles will be added to accounts relating to the new 2018 edition of the MilleMiglia Program and are not valid for accessing or renewing membership of the Exclusive Clubs.


1 Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Libya and Egypt are excluded.