Which flights can be used to take part in the “Loyalty Bonus” promotion?

All flights operated by Alitalia and booked with an Alitalia flight code.

The following are excluded: charter flights, flights with codes between AZ7000 and AZ7999, between AZ5000 and AZ5999, between AZ6031 and AZ6034, between AZ2400 and AZ3999 and between AZ4101 and AZ4999. In addition, free flights or flights with discounts of over 40% are ineligible; tickets which have ID, AD and ZED fares are not valid.


Are both domestic and international flights valid?

Any flight operated by Alitalia booked with an Alitalia flight code (see above), regardless of the flight destination.


I took 4 flights between January and March 2018, but I bougth the tickets on December, will they be valid for the Loyalty Bonus?

No. The tickets must be bought between January and March 2018.


Are flights valid when taken by children registered in the MilleMiglia Kids Program?

No, they are not valid.


Can miles be used to qualify for access to Exclusive Clubs, if transferred to the 2018 edition of the Program as a result of the promotion?

No, such miles are not qualifying miles for access to Exclusive Clubs.


I took some flights in late March but on 30 April the miles have not yet been added to my account, what should I do?

You can apply for the missing miles via the “Request Your Miles” service in the “Missing Miles” section on the alitalia.com website.

Flights will be verified and the resulting bonus will be added by 15 April 2018; bonuses will also be added on 31 May and 15 July to allow all Missing Miles requests to be dealt with effectively.


I will be a Ulisse/Freccia Alata Member until 31 March 2018, but from 1 April, I will lose that status because in 2017 I did not earn enough qualifying miles. Will I take part in the promotion as a Ulisse/Freccia Alata or basic MilleMiglia Member?

What counts is Membership to an Exclusive Club on 31 March 2018.


In December 2017 I received the email for taking part in the “Loyalty Bonus” promotion as a basic MilleMiglia member base but in March 2018 I reached Ulisse status. What percentage of bonus miles will I get?

Your status on 31 March 2018 is what counts, even if you reached it with miles earned in the new edition of the Program, between 1 January and 31 March 2018.


In 2017 I was resident abroad, but in 2018 I moved to Italy. How many flights do I need to take in order for the bonus percentage of the promotion to be considered valid? 2 or 4 flights?

For the purposes of the promotion, the address on Alitalia’s systems on 17 December 2017 will be the valid address. So, if you are a resident in a country in Europe1, North Africa2 and the Middle East3 you will need 4 flights but if you are a resident in any other country4 (with the exclusion of those mentioned) you will need 2 flights.


1 Europe means the countries of the European continent, Cyprus included. 2 Countries included in the North Africa region: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Libya and Egypt. 3 Countries included in the Middle East region: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Iran, Turkey,. Also included: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan. 4 All other countries not included in notes 1, 2 and 3.